Australian Surveillance Studies (AusSS)

A Research Group in the Faculty of Arts and Education

Australian surveillance studies have until recently focused on agencies involved in internal surveillance and the inter-relationships between Australian surveillance agencies and international agencies (and the cooperation between them).

Australian Surveillance Studies seeks to foster an approach to surveillance in Australia beyond this traditional focus by exploring broader questions (to be refined as the group develops):

  • To what extent and how can we map changes in surveillance in Australia?
  • What is driving the expansion of surveillance technology?
  • Are there particular developments that create the spaces for increased surveillance technologies?
  • What are the relations between technology and non-technology based surveillance?
  • How might we re-imagine the capacities to govern surveillance practices?

We hope to develop the web site as a local clearinghouse for publicly available materials and to engage with other academics and those with a general interest in these issues.

Our first significant issue was a Workshop on 14 October 2011 with guest keynotes Professor Laureen Snider and Professor Pat O'Malley.




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