PhD candidates in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Student Name Principal Supervisor Thesis Title
Mr Benjamin Hall A/Prof Rohan Bastin Christian politics in Hograno District
Mr Martin Hardie A/Prof Rohan Bastin Cycling, drugs, governance and law in the state of exception
Ms Jenny Norris-Green A/Prof Rohan Bastin South Australian Quakers and Unitarians: a comparative study
Mr Christopher Speldewinde A/Prof Rohan Bastin The new regionalism: a comparative study of two regional centres
Australian Studies
Ms Caroline Denigan Prof Louise Johnson Owner Builders, Housewives and Homemakers: Self Build Housing and Gender in Australia.
Ms Jennifer Dennis Prof Louise Johnson Community-based NGOs: negotiating social justice for 'at risk' youth
Ms Katie Grace Prof Louise Johnson 'Women's issues' and the pay equity campaign in New Zealand
Ms Piper (Chelsea) Rodd Prof David Walker War as nationalism: A comparative study of Australia and Canada
Mr Morgan Richard Burcher A/Prof Darren Palmer Outsmarting the 'New' Criminals and Terrorists: Network Analysis and Criminal Intelligence
Mrs Clare Farmer A/Prof Darren Palmer Police-imposed punishment: Banning orders and the challenged to 'due process'
Mr Christopher Linke A/Prof Darren Palmer Australian Police Memorialisation, Commemoration and Remembrance
Dr Michael Andrew Milgate A/Prof Darren Palmer Evolution in the treatment of wrongdoing in early English law
Miss Jessica Alyce Saligari A/Prof Darren Palmer Police response to situations involving people with a mental illness in Geelong
Mr Ryan Thorneycroft Dr Nicole Asquith Disabilist violence, victimisation and the regulation of prejudice
Cultural Heritage
Mr Hendrik Berrevoets Prof Andrea Witcomb What late 19th and early 20th century market gardens can tell us about Chinese Australia ethnic relations, the development of horticulture and horticultural practices in Australia.
Ms Lorinda Cramer Dr Linda Young Needlework and genteel identity in gold rush Victoria
Mr Soren Kemp Prof Andrea Witcomb Cultural heritage in Myanmar and the production of space and non-space
Ms Amelia Marra Prof Andrea Witcomb Understanding audience engagement: its forms and contexts
Ms Tanya Robinson Dr Linda Young Materialising identity through clothing in museums
Ms Karen Schamberger Prof Andrea Witcomb Collecting and exhibiting cultural diversity: a comparison of ethno-specific museums and regional, state and national museums
Ms Michelle Stevenson Dr Linda Young Snowflakes in a Sunburnt Country: the development, culture & significance of skiing in Australia
Mr Junjie Su Prof Andrea Witcomb Intangible cultural heritage safeguarding in the context of tourism- a case study of Lijiang World Heritage site
Ms Michele Summerton Dr Linda Young How did gold rush emigrants make homes in Victoria?
Miss Paulette Wallace Prof Andrea Witcomb The Cultural Landscapes of Matiu/Somes Island
Mrs Jennifer Caligari Prof Sarah Paddle Victorian Rural Suffrage Movement, 1891
Ms Sarah Coates Prof David Lowe British and American newspapers and contemporary reportage of concentration camps, 1945-1947.
Ms Amanda Lourie A/Prof Helen Gardner History of scientific practice in 1850s and 1860s Victoria
Mr Daniel Perri A/Prof Helen Gardner Monstrous Pretensions: Australia, the press and the scramble for New Guinea
Ms Julie Anne Suares A/Prof Christopher Waters An ardent internationalist: Ben Chifley and the new world order
Mr Mathew Turner Prof David Lowe The shaping of Holocaust historiography: the Auschwitz trial and historians as expert (s?)
International and Community Development
Mr Way Alege Dr Phil Connors Reconciling development interventions and communities' vital concerns in Ituri district
Mr Murray Boardman Dr Anthony Ware The intersection between monitoring and program quality in development NGOs
Mr Tim Budge Dr Robert Nabben Freire, Alinsky and their legacy on community organising and change
Ms Jennifer Dennis Dr Max Kelly Community-based NGOs: negotiating social justice for 'at risk' youth
Ms Kristie Drucza Prof Damien Kingsbury Social protection and vulnerability in Nepal
Mr Michael Hatherell Prof Damien Kingsbury Party system nationalisation in developing states: Indonesia's party registration laws
Mr Ronan Lee Dr Anthony Ware Regional implications of continued violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar
Miss Yael Margolin Prof Damien Kingsbury Conflict of traditional and modern values in Pacific island governance
Mr Andrew Marriott Prof Damien Kingsbury Lawyers, guns and money - Advocacy and politics in post-conflict development
Mr Peter Mason Professor Matthew Clarke Financial cooperatives and the development of social capital
Ms Kate Neely Dr Phil Connors A complex systems understanding of WASH in development
Mrs Gillian Nieman Dr Phil Connors Aboriginal people and local government: A Shepparton story
Miss Evelyn Noy Dr Max Kelly Aid in post-conflict states: The relief-development relationship
Ms Praveena Rajkobal Professor Matthew Clarke Religions, risk and sustainability: Reflexive religious ecology movements and environmental crisis management
Mr Badrus Sholeh Prof Damien Kingsbury Regional autonomy and democracy after 2006 elections in Aceh, Indonesia
Ms Kirsten Taylor Prof Damien Kingsbury Ethnic conflict as a barrier to democratisation in Burma/Myanmar
Ms Alexandra Wake Prof Damien Kingsbury Aiding journalism: Australian journalism educators working in post conflict states
Mr Brad Watson Professor Matthew Clarke Child sponsorship NGOs in the 21st century: origins and evolution
Mrs Aimatul Yumna Professor Matthew Clarke Understanding Sustainability and Outreach of Islamic Charity Based Microfinance: Cases Study in Indonesia
International Relations
Ms Manushree Bahukhandi Dr Costas Laoutides Comparative analysis of gender and role of gender in conflict regions in India during the conflicts in Kashmir & Assam and applicability of the UNSCR 1325 in these regions
Mr Roger Bamforth Dr Chengxin Pan The role of Chinese identity claims in post-Cold War Sino-American relations
Miss Elizabeth Campbell Dr Cai Wilkinson Political myths: Uses and abuses
Mr Kong (Robert) Chan Prof Baogang He 'Sadae' (Serving the Great) in Korea-Great power(s) relations since 1392
Mr Lance Collins Dr Scott Burchill Convincing Canberra: How other countries achieve their foreign policy goals with Canberra
Ms Elizabeth Effeney Prof Fethi Mansouri Exploring the potential for a cosmopolitan ethic in Australia: The case of Iraqi asylum seekers
Mr Wael Tarek Elhabrouk Prof Fethi Mansouri Exploring External Perceptions of Political Legitimacy: The Case of Post Uprising Egypt
Mr Tristan Galloway Prof Baogang He China's approach to domestic and global internet governance
Mr Ahmed N Abdul Karim Hassin Prof Fethi Mansouri Roles of civil society in nation building and post-conflict reconstruction in Iraq
Mr Breck Hilton Dr Chengxin Pan Will China become an alliance partner to Australia?
Ms Natalia Pereira Prof Fethi Mansouri Irregular migration within the Southeast Asian region
Ms Julie Richardson Dr Cai Wilkinson Gender and security norms in the contestation of the meta-narrative of national identity in Turkey
Mr Eko Saputro Prof Baogang He and Prof Matthew Clarke Regulatory Regionalism of the ASEAN Plus Three Financial Cooperation - Indonesian Perspective, Roles and Responses
Mr Vincenzo Scappatura Dr Scott Burchill Structural limits of the Australia-US Alliance
Ms Tori Stratford Prof Fethi Mansouri Unaccompanied minor asylum seekers: Narratives of identity
Mr Irfan Yusuf Prof Fethi Mansouri Emerging communities and the legal system
Languages and Culture Studies
Ms Maria Avgoulas Dr Rebecca Fanany The transmission of culturally determined health beliefs among three generations of Greek familities in Melbourne, Australia
Mrs Yenny Narny A/Prof Ismet Fanany Political violence
Mr Dale Clisby Prof Jack Reynolds Deleuze's secret dualism: defining the actual/virtual relationship
Mr Daniel Connell Prof Jack Reynolds A synthesis of Nietzsche, Heidegger and Adorno
Mr Salvatore Guido A/Prof Russell Grigg After Freud: The fateful history of psychoanalysis in exile
Mr Rory Jeffs Dr Matthew Sharpe Hegel's dialectic of desire and 20th century French philosophy
Mr Ross Kendall A/Prof Russell Grigg A Lacanian analysis ofiIncarcerated male violent offenders
Mrs Adrienne Margarian Dr Matthew Sharpe A cross cultural study of somatic countertransference.
Mr Kevin Murphy A/Prof Russell Grigg Elusive sexual satisfaction in an era of increasing sexual freedom - The effects of a culturally evolving Oedipus complex on contemporary sexual symptomatology
Mr Dylan Nickelson Dr Matthew Sharpe Thomas Hobbes on unity, personae and political obligation
Mr David-Lee Nielson Dr Patrick Stokes 'What am I?' - People as subjects and objects
Mr Andrew Sims A/Prof Russell Grigg The very idea of psychodynamic neuroscience
Mr Walter Struve Prof Douglas Kirsner A Biography of Kurt Offenburg (1898- 1946)
Politics and Policy Studies
Mr Raman Apsingikar A/Prof Hans Lofgren The politics of Special Economic Zones (SEZs): A case study of Andhra Pradesh
Ms Rebecca Casson Dr Andrew Vandenberg Can Celebrity Politics and a Directly Elected Mayor Transform Geelong?
Mr Richard Coverdale A/Prof Rohan Bastin Postcode justice - rural and regional disadvantage in the administration of the law
Ms Amita Vengacherry Joseph Prof Linda Hancock A comparative study of effectiveness of corporate social responsibility guidelines in selected public and private sector organizations in India
Ms Belinda Jane Townsend A/Prof Hans Lofgren Private Rights or Public Goods? The battle for Essential medicines
Mr Luke Bearup Dr Karen Lane Recognising Brokenness: social inclusion of the sex-trafficked and abused
Ms Laura Gobey

A/Prof Grazyna Zajdow and Dr Kim Toffoletti

Imagined Futures: the lives and aspirations of young African migrant women in Australia
Mrs Irene Helmer Dr Karen Lane Victoria's 'dangerous dog' legislation under investigation: what are the alternatives to the current law?
Mr James Holmes Dr Vince Marotta Fantasy in an increasingly rationalised world
Miss Catherine Kowalski Dr Rebecca Fanany Impact of media on attitudes towards complementary and alternative medicine
Miss Selinaswati Selinaswati A/Prof Ismet Fanany Women in politics in a matrilineal society (a case study of West Sumatra, Indonesia)


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