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Bachelor of Arts (BA)
The Bachelor of Arts provides students with opportunities to develop skills of critical and systematic thinking; an imaginative understanding and appreciation of the theory and practice of the social sciences, the humanities and the arts; enhanced cultural sensitivity and understanding through genuine reciprocity of values; skills and knowledge relevant to employment in the modern workforce; and familiarity with the use and importance of information technology in learning and employment.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is structured in a way which offers maximum flexibility and gives students opportunities to pursue their own interests and design their own courses of study. Students may study particular areas in depth or undertake a wide range of units. Up to one-third of the course may be taken outside the Faculty of Arts, thereby providing even greater possibilities for interesting course combinations.
Course summary - A300

Bachelor of International Studies
The Bachelor of International Studies* is a focused course for students seeking an international orientation in their Arts program, with a commitment to either a period of study at an overseas university or an internship at an overseas organisation. The course is designed to enable students to develop systematic understandings of the international forces shaping government, business and community life in contemporary Australia and the world; a range of skills in analysis and interpretation of these forces; cross-cultural competencies through an internationally oriented curriculum and through participation in an international study experience.
Course summary - A326
* This course replaces the Bachelor of Arts (International Studies).


Combined degrees with Bachelor of International Studies

  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Studies
  • Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of International Studies

These combined degrees are designed for students seeking a broader education and an international or commercial edge for their future career. Students will have a commitment to studying at an overseas university or taking up an internship with an overseas organisation.
Course summary - D323
Course summary - D338


Bachelor of Arts (Chinese)/Bachelor of Commerce
Students enrolled in the combined degree receive equal exposure to Chinese (Mandarin) language and culture and to business principles and practice.
Course summary - D317

Bachelor of Criminology
The Bachelor of Criminology gives students a wide exposure to diverse issues relating to crime, security, policing and punishment. The course aims to produce graduates with the ability to:

  • engage in critical evaluation and debates concerning crime and justice issues at local, state, national and international levels;
  • make intellectually rigorous contributions to research, policies and practices related to criminal justice;
  • contribute to enhancing citizenship and improved quality of life through the development and application of the above skills.

A unique feature of the course is the opportunity to complete an industry internship at third year.
Course summary - A329

Diploma of Language
Course summary - A225

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Bachelor of International Studies

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Bachelor of Criminology

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