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Dr Alyson Miller

Alyson Miller

Dr Alyson Miller


Dr Alyson Miller is currently an associate lecturer in literary studies, and has taught in units ranging from narrative and genre to Shakespeare to research methods.

She believes that student engagement is about demonstrating the continuing relevance of literature in a world that is infatuated with social media, but also about fostering a passion for reading and learning, incorporating new ideas and contexts with a form of representation that continues to provoke, excite and intrigue us. Literature is not a static form, changing meaning with cultural transformations and innovations.

By focussing on how language still manages to connect, reflect and even define us, students discover the metamorphic nature of text and how empowering studying literature can be.

Dr Miller's research specialty is in scandalous literature, exploring why in a world that seems to reject the book, the literary is still able to cause controversy and outrage. Her focus spans both classic and contemporary works, and is curious about the reactions literature compels in readers and the public per se. It is an interest that certainly crosses into the teaching of literary studies and into Dr Miller's work in building literacy relationships within both Deakin University and the Geelong community.

Key Achievements:

  • Played a pivotal role in the publication of Imagine, an anthology of writing collected from secondary school students in Geelong and launched in 2011.
  • The co-editor of the literary zine Windmills, a publication which attracts significant local, national and international submissions.
  • The chair of Words@Deakin, an organisation focussed on building literary culture both within Deakin University and in the broader community.
  • Maintains a fortnightly slot on a regional radio program to discuss recent book publications.
  • In 2010, received a Teaching Excellence Award for sessional staff and a Commendation for Excellence in Teaching.
  • Completes academic reviews for the peer-reviewed journal a/b: Auto/Biography Studies and is engaged with a CMII sub-project on the representation of character in post-apocalyptic environmental YA fictions.
  • Is the chairperson for Encompass Community Services, a non-for-profit organisation aimed at providing education, training and employment opportunities for clients with disabilities.

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