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Tony Chalkley

Tony Chalkley

Tony Chalkley

For May 2011 Tony Chalkley has been nominated as Faculty Teacher of the Month in recognition of his outstanding contribution to teaching. 

Tony Chalkley is a lecturer in Media and Communication. His key achievements/activities as a teacher include:

  • Reviewing the current delivery of large/massified foundation units to see how new approaches to assessment might better evaluate the capacity of students (in conjunction with other media communication staff)

  • Working with Deakin University's Division of Student Life to blend the theoretical elements of ‘represented self’ with the practical device that is a student resume (we spend time in tutorials working on the way your resume needs to distinguish your public self)

  • Working with the State University of New York on a 10 year project that looks at the effect of intensive, programmed support for first year students (and their families). This project is focused on the experience of staff/teachers who deliver the programs.

  • Revised and rebuilt the wholly online unit ALC314 to be ‘internationalised’, simple, clear and easier for students. Significant improvement in student engagement, SETU retention and enrolment more generally.

  • Currently a member of the Australasian Housing Institute's Curriculum Accreditation Board - reviewing and accrediting national Housing studies degrees/certificates.

  • Recently completed a joint Oxford University Press book on Communication and New Media.


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