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Xiangshu FangFengqi QianGuo-Qiang LiuLin Zheng

Our team taught 1,089 Australian and international students in 2010. These students did not simply learn a language; they have connected to a much wider world of career opportunities and, for Australian students, engaged a rich and different civilisation. We are innovative and motivate students to learn by providing students with a learning environment that is flexible and responsive to their needs, and which also provides engagement with the university community. The key here lies in students seeing the value of what they can do, seeing progress in getting there and thus becoming confident and ever keener.

Learning Chinese is difficult, and there are no short-cuts. A clear sign that something is going right with our teaching is that enrolments have grown, student evaluation scores have remained consistently high and new specialized courses have been launched. To achieve this we ensure that:

  • the pathway of learning never looks too steep;
  • each learning step is small enough to get right quickly;
  • students validate their learning in many practice and performance settings;
  • the destination (acquiring Chinese) is truly valuable to the student;
  • interactive teaching and learning activities emphasize cooperative and group work among students; and
  • some reflective strategies emphasize on an interactive teacher-learner process for improving learning in general.

In addition, our research in Chinese Language and Culture has provided solid foundation for our flourishing teaching results. We have been building a nexus between research and teaching collectively in language education, including organising and conducting an international workshop "Teaching Chinese at Universities in the Global Context" in 2010. Our individual interest and work in bilingual education (Lin), educational practices in China (Fang), Chinese cultural heritage (Qian), and second language acquisition (Liu) further inform our teaching.

Dr Xiangshu Fang
Dr Fengqi Qian
Associate Professor Guo-Qiang Liu
Dr Lin Zheng


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5th June 2012