Teacher of the month

Costas Laoutides

Teaching is a crucial paragon of academic life as it constitutes one of the main pillars for student learning. Over the years I have contributed to university teaching in some ways such as participation as a guest lecturer to other units, cross campus teaching as well as use of synchronous and asynchronous modes of on-line delivery. In addition my ongoing communication with the students was a focal point in my effort to generate a positive learning experience for them.

One important aspect that I came to appreciate is the strong and productive osmosis between teaching and research. A few years ago I toyed with the idea of putting elements of my research agenda in my classes and it proved to be a source of mutual inspiration and reflection; since then I always try some of my research questions on my students.

Another aspect I have placed emphasis on is the quest for a model of assessment that would achieve a constructive alignment between assessment tasks, intended learning outcomes and graduate attributes. This venture has been proved challenging but thanks to student feedback, collegial support and teaching training I have managed to improve the overall assessment goals of my units towards a more formative style.

Being part of the academic community entails interaction with colleagues on teaching matters and I ought to underline the support I have received by my peers through stimulating exchanges, good advice and opportunities to develop my ideas about teaching and learning.  For me the ongoing pursuit of effective teaching is essentially a continuous and challenging learning experience.


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