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Ian Warren

ian warren

Ian Warren

Dr Ian Warren's aim has been to integrate many of the technologies available at Deakin University into his routine teaching approach.

In helping to reshape the Deakin Criminology program, his research and teaching scholarship examines online learning policies, technologies of surveillance, privacy and comparative internet regulatory strategies. This fusion of disciplinary research and educational focus helps to embed the use of technology into the day to day learning experiences and critical development of students undertaking their studies either in face to face or distance modes.

By using novel and current real world examples that highlight the social, legal, political and cultural complexities of common criminological problems, students are encouraged to engage with curriculum through constructivist principles, where they must build, question and openly share their knowledge in various digital media forums, rather than simply absorbing key concepts. The use of various technologies to bridge the problems associated with distance learning allows students to appreciate the complexity of current criminological problems, key theoretical, empirical and policy debates, and to develop stronger links with each other.

Dr Warren's uses of technology are informed by a student-centred approach that fosters critical, self-reflective and independent thinking, and in turn encourages students to develop the necessary intellectual, critical thinking, writing, research and technological skills that are crucial in contemporary justice employment. A central part of Dr Warren's self-reflective teaching practice is to disseminate the various successes and failures to the wider community of educational and criminological scholars.

Ian Warren takes you on a tour of Second Life used in the Criminology program

Key achievements

2010 - Peer Reviewer for the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) Conference.

2010 - Co presenter with Janette Grenfell at the 6th International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, Freie University, Berlin, 15-17 January.

2009 - Associate Editor, Ubiquitous Learning Journal and Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society.

2008 - Member, Faculty of Arts and Education Teaching and Learning Committee.

2009 - Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.

2009 - Presenter at the 2nd Ubiquitous Learning Conference, Northeastern University, Boston, 5-6 December.

2009 - Presenter at the 5th International Conference on Open and Distance Learning, Hellenic Open University, Athens, November 27-29.

2008 - Team leader of a Strategic Teaching and Learning Grant Scheme (STALGS) award examining the regulatory implications and educational uses of 3-dimensional virtual environments (with Associate Professor Darren Palmer (SHHS), Dr Tanya King (SHHS), Mr Stephen Segrave (ITL), and Dr Mick Hobbs (School of IT)).

2008 - Member of the Deakin University Teaching Leaders Group.

2008 - Awarded Deakin University Vice-Chancellor’s award for Teaching Excellence and Distinguished Teaching.



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Warren, I., Palmer, D., King, T. and Segrave, S. (2008) ‘Second Life and the Role of Educators as Regulators’, in R. Atkinson and C. McBeath eds, ASCILITE 2008: Hello! Where Are You in the Landscape of Educational Technology?, pp. 1079-1089, ASCILITE, Melbourne, Vic at www.ascilite.org.au/conferences/melbourne08/procs/warren.pdf


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