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Dr Mathews uses a variety of communication channels, modes of delivery, different forms of assessment and evaluation and ensures that the unit content is delivered with the utmost enthusiasm and passion for the discipline area.
Dr Evans, who has a passion for teaching, especially the challenge of engaging and exciting entry-level students, shares some of his teaching techniques.
Dr Connors talks about the learning journey in the International and Community Development program.
Dr Miller is active in building a literary culture both within Deakin University and in the broader community.
sandra herbert
Sandra Herbert champions active models of learning, encouraging students to experiment with technology and explore the added dimension it can give a teacher in engaging students.
helen gardner
There is a future in history, says Dr Helen Gardner, Lecturer in World History and Pacific History.
tony chalkley
Tony Chalkley, Lecturer in Media and Communication, lists some of his key achievements and recent activities.
jo raphael
Jo Raphael teaches in the area of Arts Education with a particular focus on Drama. Her participation in school and community settings enhances her teaching in university programs.
chinese language team
The Chinese Language Team (as a group) share some keys to student learning from their experience, and talk about the nexus between research and teaching.
jenny grenfell
Jenny Grenfell has been instrumental in the development of the Deakin Arts Education Centre on Deakin Island in Second Life.
ian warren
Dr Ian Warren integrates many of the technologies available at Deakin University into his routine teaching approach.
Costas Laoutides
Dr Costas Laoutides talks about his ongoing pursuit of effective teaching.



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