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I need a tutor

Are you a:

  • Parent of a child needing a little help with the new school tasks?
  • High school student with exams just around the corner?
  • Deakin student needing to get on top of that one difficult subject?

Hiring a Deakin student as a tutor is the answer to all of above!

Deakin students and graduates make sensational tutors as they are clever, flexible and provide a positive learning environment for a wide range of needs.

Deakin education students make great tutors for younger primary aged students, as they know the curriculum and have the skills to teach one-on-one.

Please remember that Deakin students can also be great tutors for people wanting to learn general skills, for example: a new language or how to use their computer to it's full potential.

Don't wait, advertise for a tutor now!

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12th April 2012