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Deakin has a range of insurance policies which extend to our students whilst they are undertaking a placement with your organisation. In addition to Medicare coverage (Australian placements only) and international travel coverage (international placements only), students will be covered by:

Public Liability insurance: provides cover for the University's liability to pay compensation to a third party in respect of physical injury and/or property damage caused by a student whilst on placement with you.

Public Liability (Host Employers) insurance: provides cover for the University’s liability to indemnify you as an Australian host employer for increased Workers’ Compensation premium due as a result of a compensable injury to a student on placement with you.

Professional Indemnity insurance: provides cover for acts, errors or omissions committed by students whilst on placement with you in their professional duty, including medical malpractice.

Student Personal Accident insurance: provides limited cover to a student whilst on placement with you if they sustain an injury.

For additional information contact the Deakin University Risk Management Unit on 03 9244 6232.

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5th October 2010