Research seminars

Find out about the Department of Finance's previous seminars, guest speakers and topics. Our range of speakers share insights and encourage debate on issues that interest the department and our students.

Upcoming seminars

Seminar datePresenterTopic
19 Feb 2019Dr Sohel Azad
Deakin University
21 Feb 2019Dr Abhinav Goyal University of Liverpool TBA
14 Mar 2019Prof Darwin Choi
Chinese University of Hong Kong
21 Mar 2019Prof Tarun Chordia
Emory Goizueta Business School
22 Mar 2019Assist Prof Qiang Li
National University of Singapore
28 Mar 2019Dr Mike Mao
Deakin University
4 Apr 2019Prof Radha Gopalan
Washington University of St Louis
11 Apr 2019Assoc Prof Fangijian Fu
Singapore Management University
18 Apr 2019Assoc Prof Yangyang Chen
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
30 Apr 2019Dr Christian Lundblad
University of North Carolina
9 May 2019Assoc Prof Simba Chang
Nanyang Technological University
16 May 2019Prof Sumit Agarwal
National University of Singapore
23 May 2019Prof Micah Officer
Loyola Marymount University
28 May 2019Assoc Prof Roger Edelen
Virginia Tech University
13 Jun 2019Dianne Thomson
Deakin University 

Past seminars

Seminar datePresenter


29 Nov 2018Emma Li
Deakin University
Exploration or Exploitation? Hedge Funds in Venture Capital
22 Nov 2018Xiangkang Yin
Deakin University
Overconfident Institutions and Their Self-Attribution Bias: Evidence from Earnings Announcements
16 Nov 2018Dr. Hyun Soo Choi
Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University
Clogged Intermediation: Were Home Buyers Crowded Out?
14 Nov 2018Professor Ben Marshall
Massey University
Stock Liquidity and Labor Adjustment Costs
8 Nov 2018Wei Opie
Deakin University
Global Currency Hedging with Common Risk Factors
25 Oct 2018Associate Professor Harminder
Deakin University
Bond Liquidity and Cost of bank Loans
18 Oct 2018Dr. Nicholas Crain
University of Melbourne
The Bright Side of Fair Value Accounting: Evidence from Private Company Valuation
11 Oct 2018Associate Professor Abhiroop MukherjeeRoads and Loans
4 Oct 2018Associate Professor Ekta Selarka 
Madras School of Economics
Women on Board and Performance of Family Firms: Evidence from India
27 Sep 2018Associate Professor Rik Sen University of New South WalesManagement (of) Proposals
20 Sep 2018Professor Paul Ehling BI Norwegian Business SchoolTax Collection from Realized Capital Gains on Equity
13 Sep 2018Professor Spencer Martin, The University of MelbourneDo You See What I See?  Transparency and Bond Issuing Costs
6 Sep 2018Professor Manpreet Singh Georgia Tech
Scheller College of Business
Do Minimum Wage Increases Cause Financial Stress to Small Businessess? Evidence from 15 Million Establishments
23 Aug 2018Associate Professor Frank Liu
University of Western Australia
Cross Listings and Dividend Size and Stability: Evidence from China
16 Aug 2018Professor Desmond Tsang
McGill University, Canada
Quality of Life and Earnings Management: Do Firms at Less Desirable Locations Manipulate Earnings More Aggressively?
9 Aug 2018Professor Andy Kim
SKK Business School
Fighting for R&D Budget: CEO vs. CFO - whose masculinity matters more?
2 Aug 2018Professor David Yermack
Stern School of Business, New York University
Initial Coin Offerings: Financing Growth with Cryptocurrency Token Sales
30 Jul 2018Professor Michael Chng
Xi'an Jiatong-Liverpool University
Rise of the Machine-Learning Portfolio
26 Jul 2018Associate Professor Meijun Qian
Australian National University
Does property rights protection affect firm innovation?
23 Jul 2018Dr Christian Hilpert
Lingnan College, Sun yat-sen University
Surrender Contagion in Life Insurance: Modelling and Valuation
19 Jul 2018Professor Talis Putnins
University of Technology, Sydney
What moves stock prices? The role of news, noise and information
17 Jul 2018Professor Alok Kumar
University of Miami - School of Business Administration
Hispanic culture, stock preferences,  and asset prices
12 Jul 2018Dr Lixiong Guo
University of Alabama
Unemployment Insurance and Takeovers
7 Jun 2018Dr Alexander Vadilyev
Australian National University
How sensitive is corporate propensity to save to financial development and uncertainty shocks?
31 May 2018Associate Professor Roger Loh
Singapore Management University
Getting feedback on your research: evidence from analysts
25 May 2018Associate Professor Wenchi Liao
National University of Singapore
The Buggerfly: The Effect of Transport Network Connectivity
10 May 2018Assistant Professor Hao Liang
Singapore Management University
Socially Responsible Corporate Customers
3 May 2018Associate Professor Jin Yu
Monash University
Credit default swaps and debt overhang
26 Apr 2018Associate Professor Tien Foo Sing
National University of Singapore
Information immobility and learning in commercial real estate markets
19 Apr 2018Assistance Professor Kwanok Lee
National University of Singapore
Property right restriction and house prices
12 Apr 2018Dr Kentaro Asai
Australian National University
Bank lobbying as a financial safety net: evidence from the post-crisis US banking sector
5 April 2018Associate Professor Xin (Simba) Chang
Nanyang Technological University
Political corruption and financial reporting conservatism
22 Mar 2018Professor Tarun Chordia
Emory University
P-hacking: evidence from two million trading strategies
13 Mar 2018Associate Professor Yangyang Chen
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Executive equity risk-taking incentives and firm's choice of debt structure
1 Mar 2018Professor Joseph Fan 
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Family monitoring the family
29 Jan 2018Associate Professor Xiaoyang Li
Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance
Board diversity, inventor collaboration, and corporate innovation
25 Jan 2018Mr Anton Hasselgren
Stockholm School of Business
Speculator activity and cross-asset predictability of FX returns
21 Nov 2017 Professor Thomas Lux
University of Kiel 
Network formation in the interbank money market: An application of the actor-oriented model
17 Nov 2017 Professor Vidhan Goyal
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Compensation Differences and Merger Outcomes
9 Nov 2017Dr Henry Jung
The University of Melbourne 
Watch your basket – to determine CEO compensation
26 Oct 2017Dr Phong Ngo
Australian National University 
Geopolitics and international bank flows
19 Oct 2017Assistant Professor Chen Zhanhui
Nanyang Technological University 
In search of Preference Shock Risks: Evidence from Longevity Risks and Momentum Profits
18 Oct 2017Associate Professor Wenlan Qian
National University of Singapore 
Dragon Babies
11 Oct 2017Associate Professor Yulia Veld-Merkoulova
Monash University 
Why do individuals not participate in the stock market?
5 Oct 2017 Dr Daisy Doan
Deakin University 
A Sovereign Risk-Based Approach to Implementing Countercyclical Capital Buffer Schemes
28 Sep 2017 Associate Professor Jun Tu
Singapore Management University 
Purging Investor Sentiment Index from Too Much Fundamental Information
21 Sep 2017 Professor Jun-Koo Kang
Nanyang Technological University 
Geographic Concentration of Venture Capital Investors, Corporate Monitoring, and Firm Performance
7 Sep 2017 Dr Zhou Zhong
The University of Melbourne 
Inverted Fee Venues and Market Quality
31 Aug 2017 Dr Emma Li
Australian National University 
The Usual Suspects: Experienced Backers and Early Stage Venture Success
23 Aug 2017 Professor Bruce Grundy
The University of Melbourne 
The External Financing of Investment
10 Aug 2017 Mandy Tham
Wealth Management Institute 
Do security analysts learn from their colleagues?
3 Aug 2017 Dr Vincent Xiang
Deakin University 
Risk Neutral Skewness and the Cross-section of Stock Returns: Mispricing or Information
27 Jul 2017 Prof Andrew Winton University of Minnesota Do Banks Still Monitor When There is a Market for Credit Protection?
26 Jul 2017 Associate Professor Michael Chng
Deakin University 
Factor-of-factors and stock returns
20 Jul 2017 Fengfei Li 
University of Hong Kong
The 52-week high stock price and analyst recommendation revisions
29 Jun 2017 Dr Tze Ang
Deakin University 
The Multidimensional Pricing of Firm Productivity
22 Jun 2017 Mike Mao - Erasmus University  How do bank policies affect equity risk and cost of capital?
16 Jun 2017 Professor Sumit Agarwal
Georgetown University
Cash demand and consumption response to unanticipated monetary policy shock: evidence from Turkey
9 Jun 2017 Dr Christopher Ratcliffe
Deakin University 
The Performance of REIT Acquirers in the Post-Merger Period
18 May 2017 Dr Juan Sotes-Paladino
Melbourne University
The Invisible Hand of Internal Markets in Mutual Fund Families
11 May 2017 Dr Huson Ahmed
Deakin University 
What Drives Bank Lending behaviour in Australia?  Co-integration Analyses by Integrated Modified Least Square (IM-OLS) Approach
4 May 2017 Professor Abe de Jung
Erasmus University
Managing for Performance: The VOC Insurance Contract of 1613
27 Apr 2017 Gary Tian
Macquarie University
Political Connections as an Endorsement Device: The Impact of Political Connections on Corporate Decision-making
20 Apr 2017 Professor David Reeb
National University of Singapore 
The Extreme Control Choice
13 Apr 2017 Professor Tarun Chordia (Equis)
Emory University 
Rent Seeking by Low Latency Traders: Evidence from Trading on Macroeconomic Announcements
6 Apr 2017 Dr George Wong (Equis)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
Corporate Environmental Liabilities and Capital Structure
30 Mar 2017 Professor Stephen Brown
Monash University / Emeritus Professor at NYU 
Sensation Seeking, Sports Cars, and Hedge Funds
28 Mar 2017 Professor Avanidhar Subrahmanyam
The Information Role of Index Option Trading
27 Mar 2017 Professor Tse-Chun Lin
The University of Hong Kong 
Yesterday once more: Short selling and two banking crises
20 Mar 2017 Dr Mong Shan Ee
Deakin University 
Shadow Banking and Economic Development in Developing Countries: Evidence from China
16 Mar 2017 Professor Simba Chang
Cambridge University/Nanyang Technological University
Does Financial Innovation Affect Technological Innovation? Evidence from Credit Default Swaps Trading
9 Mar 2017 Professor Jack Cooney 
Texas Tech University
Investor Demand for Information in Newly Issues Securities
16 Nov 2016

Prof Vidhan Goyal
Hong Kong University

Index Membership and Capital Structure: International Evidence

27 Oct 2016 Dr Li Ge
Monash University

The Effect of Stock Market Indexing on Option Latent Trading Cost

6 Oct 2016 Dr Pedro Barroso

Using Out-Of-Sample Errors in Portfolio Optimization

29 Sep 2016 Dr Phong Ngo
Australian National University

Access to Finance: The Impact on Compulsory Education

15 Sep 2016 Prof John Wei

Demand Shock, Speculative Beta, and Asset Prices: Evidence from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

1 Sep 2016 Dr Le Zhang
University of New South Wales

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

31 Aug 2016 Dr Angie Low
Nanyang Technological University

Rookie Directors

25 Aug 2016 Professor Nadia Massoud, University of Melbourne

Who Benefits from Bank Trading Activity: Shareholders or Employees?

18 Aug 2016 Dr Oleg Chuprinin, UNSW

Bandwagon Effect in Peer-to-Peer Finance: Is Access to Credit a Matter of Luck?

11 Aug 2016 Dr Will Gornall, University of British Columbia

How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions?

4 Aug 2016 Dr Adrian Lee, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Melting Pot or Salad Bowl: Cultural Difference and Housing Investment Decisions

25 Jul 2016 Prof Joseph Fan, Chinese University of Hong Kong and ANU

Family Ownership Structures and Corporate Policies: The Case of Family Trusts

21 Jul 2016 Prof Chris Veld, Monash University

Household Debt and Stock Market Participation

11 Jul 2016 Associate Professor Roy Kouwenberg, Mahidol University, Erasmus University

"Currency Wars": Who gains from the battle

6 Jul 2016 Associate Professor Paul Hsu, Hong Kong University (pending confirmation)

The Oscar goes to…: Takeovers and Innovation Envy

27 May 2016 Associate Professor Mujtaba Mian
Zayed University UAE

Do managers use share prices to mitigate investor short-termism?

26 May 2016 Professor Doug Foster, Sydney University

Options on Options, Tradeoffs, Technology and Algorithms:My How Times Have Changed*

19 May 2016 Dr Stefan Petry, University of Melbourne

Determinants of Secondary Market Prices for Structured Products During the 2007-2009  Financial Crisis

12 May 2016 Professor Peter Bossaerts
University of Melbourne

Neural Mechanisms Behind Identification of Leptokurtic Noise and Adaptive Behavioral Response

5 May 2016 Dr Steven Riddiough, University of Melbourne

Currency Premia and Global Imbalances

28 Apr 2016 Dr Kanh Mo Koo
National University of Singapore

Consumption response to temporary price shock: Evidence from Singapore’s annual sale event

14 Apr 2016 Dr Jane Luo, University of Adelaide

Short seller’s view on fair employee treatment

8 Apr 2016 Professor Ghon Rhee, University of Hawaii

Does Better Corporate Governance Encourage Higher Payout? Risk, Agency Cost, and Dividend Policy

7 Apr 2016 Associate Professor Xianming Zhou, Australia National University

Newly Listed Firms as Acquisition Targets:                      The IPO Debutant effect

10 Mar 2016 Dr Shams Pathan, University of Queensland

Investor Horizons and Bank Risk-taking

1 Mar 2016 Dr George Wong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Corporate Environmental Risk and the Customer-Supplier Relationship

22 Oct 2015 Associate Professor Cameron Truong, Department of Banking and Finance, Monash University Earnings announcement idiosyncratic volatility and the Cross-section of stock returns
16 Oct 2015 Dr Eric Lam, Hong Kong Baptist University On the positive relation between cash holdings and stock returns
15 Oct 2015 Professor Robert Faff, Business School, Queensland University The labor-leverage relation: new firm-level evidence and a quasi-natural experiment
8 Oct 2015 Dr Phong Ngo, Australian National University
Local bank access, financial flexibility and corporate liquidity management
1 Oct 2015 Dr Andrea Lu, Department of Finance, University of Melbourne A market-based funding liquidity measure 
24 Sept 2015 Andrew Ainsworth, Business School, University of Sydney Can dividend schedules predict abnormal returns? International evidence
10 Sept 2015 Dr Ali Akyol, Department of Finance, University of Melbourne  Director skill sets  
7 Sept 2015 Jerry Cao, Singapore Management University Institutional bidding in IPO allocation: evidence from China
3 Sept 2015 Professor Carole Comerton-Forde, Department of Finance, University of Melbourne Regulating dark trading: order flow segmentation and market quality
27 Aug 2015 Dr Zhuo Zhong, Department of Finance, University of Melbourne The risk sharing benefit versus the collateral cost: the formation of the Inter-dealer network in over-the-counter trading
20 Aug 2015 Dr Minh Do, Department of Banking and Finance, Monash University  The dividend month premium uncovered
13 Aug 2015 Dr Frank Liu, University of Western Australia Model-free risk-neutral moments and proxies
12 Aug 2015 Associate Professor Michael Chng, Department of Finance, Deakin Business School Arbitrage activity and price discovery across spot, futures and ETF markets.
30 Jul 2015 Dr Le Zhang, University of New South Wales Who captures the power of the pen?
23 Jul 2015 Dr Tze (Chewie) Ang, Deakin University DRIP arbitrage and externalities
16 Jul 2015 Dr A.S.M. Sohel Azad, Deakin University Why interest free Islamic banking is not free from interest?
11 Jun 2015 Professor Ed Lin, Deakin University Portfolio risk and investment horizon of institutional investors
4 Jun 2015 Professor Garry Twite, Department of Finance, University of Melbourne  Ownership structure and the public/private equity choice
21 May 2015 Professor Takeshi Yamada, Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies & Applied Statistics, Australia National University Employee inside debt and firm risk-taking: evidence from employee deposit programs in Japan
7 May 2015 Debarshi Sanyal Dynamics of household leverage in Australia: is macro-prudential regulation missing a key point?
16 Apr 2015 Dr Edward Podolski, Department of Economics and Finance
La Trobe Business School
Free cash flow and the unproductive inventor
2 Apr 2015 Van Vu (student), Department of Banking and Finance, Monash University How do firms cope with bank credit contraction? Evidence of the substitution between financial markets
26 Mar 2015 Professor Rhon Rhee, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii Stock liquidity, managerial short-termism, and corporate earnings management
19 Mar 2015 Professor Gary Tian, University of Wollongong How do political connections affect M&A decisions and post-M&A performance? A comparison between SOEs and non-SOEs
12 Mar 2015 Richard Zhang (Deakin student) The impact of investor sentiment on financial market: from the perspective of both market and firm.
26 Feb 2015 Professor Wei (Victor) Huang, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii Residual correlation, active management, and fund performance
19 Feb 2015 Professor Patrick Verwijmeren, Department of Business Economics, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam Security design from a buyer's perspective