Staff listing

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Department Head
Professor Rens Scheepers

Director of Research
Associate Professor Lemai Nguyen

Director of Teaching 
Dr Dilal Saundage

Director of International
Dr William Yeoh

Director of HDR
Associate Professor Lemai Nguyen

Director of Engagement 
Dr William Yeoh

Emeritus Professor


Associate Professors

Senior Lecturers


Administrative staff


P = Principal
A = Associate

Name PhD topic Supervisor
Zi ChongExploring the "Creative Tension" at WorkA/Prof Annemieke Craig (P)

A/Prof John Lamp (A)
Mark DavisSocial dynamics of exogenous and endogenous interactions to exploit procurementDr Graeme Pye (P)

Dr Scott Salzman (A)
Bardo FraunholzA meta model for effective project modellingDr Craig Parker (P)

A/Prof Jacob Cybulski (A)
Sonia Ivetac Exploring ICT decision making in Australian secondary schools. Dr Jo Coldwell-Neilson (P)

A/Prof Annemieke Craig (A)
Christine McLachlan Teachers' perceptions of Information and Communication Technology education in Victoria. A/Prof Annemieke Craig (P)

Dr Jo Coldwell-Neilson (A)
Alireza MoayedikiaStudying Crowdsourcing: An information and analytics approachDr William Yeoh (A)