HDR Students

Below are listed current Higher Degree by Research candidates and their current projects.

Name PhD Topic Supervisor

Wahyudi Agustiono

Stakeholders involvement in IOEIMS design.

Dr Craig Parker   (P)
Dr Rodney Carr  (P)

Morteza Namvar

Sense-making in Business Intelligence Driven Organisations.

A/P Jacob Cybulski   (P)
Dr. Yee Ling Boo   (A)
Christine McLachlanTeachers' perceptions of Information and Communication Technology education in Victoria.A/P Annemieke Craig   (P)
 Dr Jo Coldwell   (A)
Dinithi PallegedaraControlling the inadvertent disclosure of information via Social Media.Prof Matthew Warren   (P)
Prof Dineli Mather   (A)
Edyta RozyckiBusiness Process Affordances.A/P Jacob Cybulski (P)
Dr Susan Keller (A)
Sonia IvetacExploring ICT decision making in Australian secondary schools.Dr. Darryl Coulthard (P)
 Dr. Annemieke Craig (A)
Ruwan SenarathanaCloud Computing Adoption in SMEs in Australia.Prof Matthew Warren (P)
Dr William Yeoh (A)
Arezou Pour MirzaA Phenomenological Study of the Role of Trust in Technology-Mediated Inter-Organizational Relationships.A/P Jacob Cybulski  (P)
Dr Darryl Coulthard  (A)
Vindaya SenadheeraThe Adoption of Social Media by Australian Banks to communicate with the public.Prof Matt Warren  (P)
Dr Shona Leitch  (A)
Dr Graeme Pye (A)
Maral MayehUnderstanding the Role of Social Media Monitoring in Generating External Intelligence.Prof. Rens Scheepers   (P)
Dr. Michael Valos  (A)
Helen RichardsonToward Sustainability for Small Arts Businesses: A strategic role for information systems and ICTA/P Sharman Lichtenstein   (P)
Dr Darryl Coulthard  (A)
Mina Roshan KokabhaInvestigating the role of social media in crisis communication.Prof. Matthew Warren  (P)
Dr. Rodney Carr  (A)
Mahan BagheriInteractive and Evolutionary eBookKok-Leong Ong  (P)
Nilupulee NathawitharanaIncrementally learning from text: A cognitive approachDamminda Alahakoon  (P)
Dr. Sumith Matharage (A)

Supervisor key:
P = Principal
A =  Associate

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