George Fairfax Fellow 2006

Kenneth Myer Lecture: The Buzz of Big Events: Is It Worth Bottling?

23 March 2006, Melbourne Museum

Sport events create a buzz for economic and social development in cities, regions, states, and countries. But is the buzz worth bottling? Mega-events, like the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, foster liminality-sacred experiences. In particular, events breakdown social barriers, suspend many social rules, create communities, and enhance and strengthen the social fabric of our community. Liminality is present in events, particularly mega-events. It is intangible and thus receives scant attention. It is worth bottling as it encourages social leverage. Procedures for facilitating liminal experiences are explained and means of developing social leverage suggested.

About Laurence Chalip

Laurence Chalip is professor in the department of Kinesiology and Health Education the University of Texas. His research interests focus on policy, sport marketing and major events. He is also Vice President (Policy and Strategy) for Premiership Strategies International. Laurence is a Research Fellow of the North American Society for Sport Management and has won two service awards from the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand. He was founding editor of Sport Management Review and serves on the editorial board of five other journals in the field. In 2000, Laurence was named to the International Chair of Olympia by the International Olympic Committee and the Centre for Olympic Studies.

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