Staff research interests

Deakin University’s Department of Management has a proud history of strong industry connections and high quality research offerings.

Dr Keith Abbott
European trade unionism
International trade unionism
Industrial relation theory
Critical realism and industrial relations 

Dr Fara Azmat
Governance (developing countries)
Corporate social responsibility, business ethics
Immigrant entrepreneurship, responsible entrepreneurship

Dr Siew Mee Barton
Knowledge Management
Cross-cultural communication
E-learning and teaching
Strategic information systems
Communities of practice and academic guanxi (networking)

Professor Doren Chadee
International business
International management
Emerging economics and markets

Dr Mona Chung
International business
Cultural differences in business between Australia and China
China business research: strategy, market entry, management and cross-cultural marketing
Cross-cultural negotiation and mediation: Australia and China
Cross-cultural issues in supervising Chinese research students
The impact of cultural issues in the international student market

Dr Andrew Creed
Online management education
Philosophy of education
Action research
Relational ethics

Professor Paul Couchman
R & D management.
Innovation policy and management.
Interorganizational collaboration.
Risk management

Ms Jan Fermelis
Intercultural and cross-cultural business communication
Cross-cultural employee adaptation
Australian businesses in China
International education

Dr Justine Ferrer
Employee engagement
Organisational attachment
Positive work dimensions
Research methods
University and academic working life

Dr Yuka Fujimoto
Diversity Management - culture, values, attitudes, disability, and self identity processes and outcomes
Diversity oriented human resource management
Social inclusion process
Employee wellbeing

Assoc Prof Hilary Glow
Cultural/arts policy
Performing arts: practice, policy and management
Indigenous cultural policy (performing arts)

Dr Bruce Hearn Mackinnon
Industrial relations
Labour and employment law
Management IR strategies
Workplace reform
Organisational theory

Dr Dulani Halvitigala
Commercial property valuation
Sustainable property development and investment
Strategic property and facilities management
Commercial property leasing
Property investment strategies and portfolio management

Mr Neville Hurst
Real estate exchange systems
House energy rating systems
Housing markets
Housing affordability
Urban communities and housing values

Ms Nicole Johnston
Strata and Community Title Law and Management
Developer Governance and Responsibilities
Conflicts of Interests in Strata Title
Strata and Tourism

Dr Adam Karg
Sport organisational theory and design
Sport marketing and sponsorship
Sport consumer behaviour and fan development
Sport and new media

Dr Huong Le
Cross-cultural research and comparative studies on arts management
Arts marketing and audience development
Multiculturalism and the arts
Cultural policy in Vietnam
Research methods

Mr John McElvaney
Teaching Methods and Assessment
Student Engagement
Employee Share Schemes

Dr Leanne Morris
Performance management
Ethics education and training
Career planning

Dr Sheila Nguyen
Stakeholder management
Corporate social responsibility
Relationship marketing

Dr Melissa Parris
Workplace experiences
Work-personal life interface
Middle management
Workplace teams
Career development

Assoc Prof Pamm Phillips
Profiling umpires in the AFL
Leadership development and middle management
Volunteer management

Dr Joanna Poon
Surveying education
Housing affordability
Ethics and professionalism
Construction project management

Professor Richard Reed
Property valuation related issues
Property and real estate market analysis
Sustainability with relation to property and the built environment
Demography in property markets including affordability, gentrification and social housing

Professor Ruth Rentschler
Social entrepreneurship, arts governance
Case study research methods
Indigenous arts and micro-enterprises
Museum and performing arts marketing

Dr Banjo Roxas 
Institutions and social capital
Sustainability and strategic management
Entrepreneurship and international business 
Micro, small and medium enterprises
Emerging and developing economies
Survey methodology

Dr Achinto Roy
Corruption in Business and Society
Corporate Strategy
Business ethics
Stakeholder relations
Financial markets and debt management 

Dr Shaun Ryan
Change management
Low paid work
Labour history
Organisation of work
Union strategies
Workplace experiences
Qualitative research methods

Dr Kerrie Saville Industrial relations
Union strategy
Union structure
Workplace reform

Professor David Shilbury
Sport governance
Sport development

Dr Paul Turner
Sport and the media
Technological developments in sport
Sport and television

Professor Greg Wood
Business ethics
Codes of ethics
Cause related marketing

Associate Professor Edward Wray-Bliss

Ethics and politics of organisation
Evil and problematic organisational behaviour
Workplace drug and alcohol policy and workforce drug testing
Philosophy and organisation
Business ethics

Dr Nadine Zacharias (in association with the Equity and Diversity unit)
Gender, employment and public policy
Equal opportunity research
Teaching under-prepared students

Dr Ambika Zutshi
Environmental management systems and the role of stakeholders
Sustainability/triple bottom line
Supply chain management and logistics
Corporate social responsibility and ethics
Teaching and student engagement

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