DGB Society

The Deakin Graduate Business Society was formed in 2006.

Our primary goal is to bring together the student body at the Deakin Graduate School of Business, in order to build relationships, which will continue into a strong alumni association. We recognise the importance of future networking opportunities that will emerge from this student association and would like as many Postgraduate Business and Law students to be involved as possible. We look to provide opportunities for students to listen to keynote speakers and to learn about real world applications in business. This association will also act as a peer support group where students can speak freely about problems with coursework, tests and course selection.

The Deakin Graduate Business Society is open to all Business and Law Postgraduate students.

Executive Committee

PresidentRossanni Harley
Vice-PresidentGunjan Agarwal
Administrative CoordinatorSumit Sahi
Finance CoordinatorPhan Hung
Marketing CoordinatorDiptaunsh Pardeshi
Public Relations CoordinatorJodhveer Parmar
Academic RepresentativesDr Mong Shan Ee
Dr Robert Xiao

 Administrative Representative

Chamini Karunasagara

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DGB Society Committee Meetings

Every Friday (except exam weeks and holidays)
Postgraduate Common Room EC2.03, 9:00am

Find us on Facebook - DGBS Melbourne

DGBS on Facebook

Deakin Toastmasters Meetings

Most Tuesdays
5:50pm LB3.210
Contact: deakin-toastmasters@deakin.edu.au
Website: www.toastmasters.org

Contact us


Your input is important to us. If you have any opinions as to what events we should have, would like to join the mailing list or want more information about the association please contact us.

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