Deakin First

Deakin First – for top MBA talent – is an exclusive community of top-tier consultants who are Deakin MBA students or graduates. The community is hosted by Pundit Connect.

Join the Deakin First community

Ready to engage with some of the best business minds in Australia – from consultants and strategists, to analysts and more?

We're looking for outstanding professional consultants from Deakin's MBA current students and alumni to join 'Deakin First – for top MBA talent.' If you offer professional consulting services to businesses, you're invited to join Deakin First.

How to apply for Deakin First

  1. Visit the Pundit Connect website and sign up as a Pundit Connect Adviser.

  2. Once your application is approved log in to your account and make sure you complete your profile.

  3. Click ‘My Member Connect’ from your Adviser Dashboard and select ‘Search Member Connect’.

  4. Locate 'Deakin First – for top MBA talent', click 'Unlock' and enter your details.

  5. We will then assess your application.

What’s next?

When approved, you'll have access to our exclusive Deakin MBA community.