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Honours Program

The research-based Honours Award offered by the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance is a high quality specialised program for outstanding students at fourth level.

The coursework component focuses on the theoretical foundations of accounting, economics and finance as well as the current research literature. The range of electives includes financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, accounting history, international economics, econometrics, economic theory and macroeconomics theory, advance finance, derivatives and finance intermediaries. An introduction to research is provided in a compulsory coursework unit in research methods. The honours-level electives also provide the opportunity to examine 'research-in-action' by studying critically examples of published research.

The Honours Program is reviewed annually to ensure that all aspects of the program are of consistent high quality and are comparable with the best of honours programs offered elsewhere. At the same time, the program reflects the specific established research strengths of the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at Deakin.

The completion of an Honours year also carries many non-pecuniary benefits which should not be discounted in making the decision to undertake the course. Students are challenged to examine the foundations and development of major elements of the accounting and finance disciplines from a scholarly perspective, while in economics they develop both the skills and theory necessary to conduct economic research, either in academia, private industry, or government institutions. Honours students also gain a broader understanding of university life and, in particular, the role of academic research. Students are invited to participate in School activities such as research seminars and forums. Staff involved with the honours program work very closely with students to provide essential research training, and to ensure that each student is able to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges for which the program is designed.

Aims of the Honours Program

The Honours Program in accounting, economics and finance aims to offer high-performing students:

  • the opportunity to explore the 'frontiers' of accounting, economics and/or finance and related disciplines
  • the challenge of learning about and conducting research in accounting, economics and/or finance
  • the employment-enhancement benefits of a four-year degree program

Benefits of the Honours Program

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There are numerous advantages to the acquisition of an Honours degree. Firstly, the completion of an Honours degree tends to accelerate career advancement and provides enhanced employment opportunities. The research training and course of study are widely recognised by employers and are remunerated accordingly. Graduates with a four-year degree are sought after in industry, public service and the accounting and finance (banking) profession because of their superior skills in research, analysis and communication. In addition, an Honours degree is an entry qualification for a Masters degree and, subject to performance, a PhD at universities within Australia and overseas.


The School welcomes applications from both Deakin and non-Deakin students. For more information, contact a student adviser.

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