Meta-Regression Analysis

Meta-regression analysis is the statistical analysis of all relevant and comparable research on a specific scientific issue or, in other words, it is quantitative research synthesis. We seek to estimate genuine empirical effects, to understand research heterogeneity and to correct specification and selection biases endemic in economics and the social sciences.

The below datasets are open access. However, it is imperative that any paper or report involving these data contains a full citation to these authors and their published work.

As of the 21st of January 2014, the dataset contained 13,653 individual estimates from 1,193 empirical studies.

For further details on the data please contact either Chris Doucouliagos or the authors directly.


Value of Statistical Life

The value of statistical road safety meta-analysis [2MB XLS] de Blaeij A, Florax RJ, Rietveld P, Verhoef E. Accident Analysis & Prevention 2003, 35(6):973-86.

The value of a statistical life: A meta- analysis with a mixed effects regression model Journal of Health Economics 28, 444–464. [14KB] Bellavance, F., Dionne, G., Lebeau, M., 2009.

Health Economics

Examining the heterogeneity in calorie-income elasticities meta-analysis [27KB XLSX] by Kolawole Ogundari and Awudu Abdulai, Food Policy, 2013, 40:119-128.


Alexandros Dimitropoulos, Piet Rietveld and Jos N. van Ommeren. (2013). Consumer valuation of changes in driving range: Excel meta-analysis data[66KB XLSX]. Transportation Research Part A 55 (2013) 27 - 45.


Abdul Abdullah, Hristos Doucouliagos and Elizabeth Manning. (2014) Does Education Reduce Income Inequality? A meta-regression analysis, Journal of Economic Surveys, forthcoming [316KB]

Public Economics

Joan Costa-Font, Filipe De-Albuquerque and Hristos Doucouliagos. Do Jurisdictions Compete on Taxes? A Meta-Regression Analysis. Public Choice, forthcoming. Data will be uploaded soon.

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