Growth Determinants

1. Development Aid

Meta-Data (Stata data file) [534KB] and Stata Commands [63KB] for Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam, appendices for The robust result in meta-analysis of aid effectiveness: A response to Mekasha and Tarp [489KB].

2. Financial Development

Financial Development and Economic Growth data file [3.77MB]: A Meta-Analysis. Petra Valickova, Tomas Havranek, and Roman Horvath (2013). Czech National Bank and Charles University, Prague. Also available at

3. Institutions

Effendic A., Pugh, G. and Adnett N. (2011). Institutions and Economic Performance: A Meta-Regression Analysis data file [42KB], European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 27, No.3 (September) pp.586-599.

4. Beta-Convergence

Maria Abreu, Henri L.F. de Groot and Raymond J.G.M. Florax, (2005) A Meta-Analysis of Beta-Convergence [244KB]: The Legendary Two-Percent, Journal of Economic Surveys, Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 389-420.

5. Electricity consumption

Bouoiyour, J. and Selmi, R. (2014). A Meta analytic review of the nexus between electricity consumption and economic growth, working paper, University of Pau, France [319KB]

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