International Economics

1. Exchange rate volatility and international trade

Haile, Mekbib and Pugh, Geoff (2013). Does Exchange Rate Volatility Discourage International Trade? A Meta-Regression Analysis, Journal of International Trade & Economic Development [905KB], Vol. 22(3) (April 2013) pp.321-350

2. Exchange rate pass-through

Velickovsky, Igor and Pugh, Geoff (2011). Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Transition and Developed Economies: a Meta-Regression Analysis with Monetary Policy Implications, Applied Economics [42KB], Vol.43 (27) (2011) pp.4111-4125.

3. FDI and Economic Performance

Randolph Luca Bruno and Maria Cipollina. (Forthcoming).The impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Performance in the Enlarged Europe: a Meta-Regression Analysis [147KB]. In International Business, Institutions and Performance After the Financial Crisis, Palgrave Macmillan.

4. Exchange Rate Uncertainty

Bouoiyour, J. and Selmi, R. (2013): "Exchange rate uncertainty and export performance: What meta-analysis reveals" [26KB],working paper of the University of Pau, France. This paper extends the data prior meta-studies. 

5. Globalization and Capital Taxation

Antonis Adama, Pantelis Kammas and Athina Lagou (2013) The effect of globalization on capital taxation: What have we learned after 20 years of empirical studies? [137KB] Journal of Macroeconomics, 35: 199-209.

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