Labour Markets

1. Minimum Wages and Employment in Developing Countries

Shanthi Nataraj, Francisco Perez-Arce and Krishna B. Kumar, "The impact of labor market regulation on employment in low-income countries: a meta-analysis", Journal of Economic Surveys, forthcoming. Minimum wages and Employment in Developing Countries: data file [33KB]

2. Minimum Wages and Employment in the UK

Minimum Wages and Employment: [251 KB]. Data used in the study: "Does the UK Minimum Wage Reduce Employment? A Meta-Regression Analysis" Megan de Linde Leonard, T. D. Stanley and  Hristos Doucouliagos, British Journal of Industrial Relations, forthcoming.

3. Labour taxes and social contributions

Ángel Melguizo and José Manuel González-Páramo, 2013, "Who bears labour taxes and social contributions? A meta-analysis approach", SERIEs, 4:247-271. Excel Data [75KB]

4. Wage Curve

Nijkamp, P and Poot, J. (2005), The Last Word on the Wage Curve? Excel Data [77KB] Journal of Economic Surveys, 19(3):421 - 430.

5. Pay for Performance

Weibel, A., Rost, K., Osterloh, M. (2010), Pay for Performance for the Public Sector - Benefits and (Hidden) Costs [90KB], Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 20(2), 387-412.

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