Price Elasticities

1. Demand for Water

Price and income elasticities of residential water demand: list of studies [16KB] Price and Income elasticities of water demand meta-analysis: data file [2MB] by J.M. Dalhauisen, R.J.G.M. Florax, H.L.F. De Groot and P. Nijkamp, Land Economics, 79(2):292-308

2. Demand for Alcohol

Estimating the Price Elasticity of Beer. Jon Nelson. The data can be found in Appendix Table A1 [154KB]

"Robust Demand Elasticities for Wine and Distilled Spirits: Meta-Analysis with Corrections for Outliers and Publication Bias," Journal of Wine Economics (forthcoming, in-press). Data posted at

"Meta-Analysis of Alcohol Price and Income Elasticities - with Corrections for Publication Bias," Health Economics Review 3:17. doi:10.1186/2191-1991-3-17 . Open Access. Data and a bibliography posted as Additional Files attached to the published article.

3. Cigarette advertising regulation

Nelson, J. (2006) Cigarette advertising regulation: A meta-analysis, International Review of Law and Economics, 26  195-226.  The elasticities are reported in Appendix B of this paper.

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