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Modelling Factors Affected the Long-Term Demand for and Supply of Professional Accounting and Allied Services in Rural and Regional Australia
LP0669235 [ARC]

Team: Professor CB Ferguson, Professor BJ Cooper, Associate Professor GL Wines and Associate Professor BF Jackling. Additional investigators P. Hellier and R. Carr

ural and regional areas accommodate more than a third of Australia's population and generate two-thirds of its net export income. While accounting firm services provide substantial economic benefits to society, there are significant differences in the provision of these accounting services in rural and regional areas compared to metropolitan areas in Australia. Rural and regional accounting firms face servicing difficulties arising from industrial restructure, changing population densities, and difficulties in professional staff recruitment, but there has been little systematic analysis of rural and regional accounting and allied services. This research aims to build and test a model of factors affecting the demand for and supply of accounting services. The model can be used to monitor and manage accounting firm services to advance regional development in Australia.
The project will assist the accounting profession in establishing effective strategies and policies for the education, training and recruitment of professional staff in regional communities. The project will assist in ensuring that professional accounting and allied services can meet future regional demands, with the potential for the modelling developed by the research to be applied to other rural and regional services.

Funding Body: CPA Australia

An approach to preserving accounting and business archival materials: enhancing accessibility to inform research and practice
LP100200261 [ARC]

Team: A/Prof Bradley N Potter, A/Prof Monica Keneley, Prof Colin B Ferguson, Mr Phillip E Cobbin, Prof Brian West, Dr Mark D Wilson

CPA Australia is one of the oldest professional accounting associations in the world. Its archival records provide invaluable insights into the development of the profession and the business community it services. The preservation and management of this heritage will be of benefit not just to the profession but also in enhancing our understanding of the evolution of the corporate foundation of the economy. This project will involve the development of a framework for managing the archive and facilitating access through the use of digital technologies.

Year Total
2010 $35,000 Funding Body: Australian Research Council
Primary FoR: 1503 Business and Management
Partner/Collaborating Organisations: CPA Australia, National Archives of Australia
Administering Organisation: Melbourne University
2011 $65,000
2012 $70,000
2013 $40,000

Making better decisions about built assets: learning by doing
LP0990261 [ARC]

Team: Prof Dr CA Langston; Prof Dr J Smith; A/Prof G Herath; Dr S Datta; Dr HK Doloi; Dr RH Crawford

This research will assist the built environment professions and their clients to make better decisions about new developments through a novel 'learning by doing' approach. Used successfully in other fields such as natural resource management, this idea will capitalise on the large number of asset investments undertaken to benchmark original stakeholder intentions and aspirations against the reality of current performance. Decisions will be re-evaluated in the context of contemporary economic, social and environmental criteria to enable existing multi-criteria models to deliver more sustainable outcomes that are also feasible and in the national interest, and consequently minimise the industry's current exposure to future climate change.

Funding RFCD: 3199 Other Architecture, Urban Environment and Building
APA(I) Award(s): 2
Administering Organisation: Bond University


Order attributes and Execution Efficiency of Limit Order

Team: Dr Saikat Deb and Professor Charles Corrado
Funding body: AFAANZ

Market Resiliency

Team: Dr Huu Duong and Dr P Kalev Funding body: AFAANZ Government ownership, Audit Firm Size and Audit Pricing: Evidence from China Team: Dr Li Liu and Professor Nava Subramaniam
Funding body: AFAANZ

Government ownership, Audit Firm Size and Audit Pricing: Evidence from China

Team:Dr Li Liu and Professor Nava Subramaniam
Funding body: AFAANZ

Family ownership and control and audit fees in Australian companies

Team: Dr Arif Khan and Professor Nava Subramaniam
Funding body: AFAANZ

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