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Exploring Models of Accounting Education and IESs Adoption by Professional Bodies and Tertiary Institutions in Australia, Japan and Sri Lanka

Team: Professor Kim Watty, Satoshi Sugarhara, Luckmika Perera

This research will explore accounting education models and the level of awareness and understanding by academics and professional bodies of International Education Standards (IES) in three diverse countries – Australia, Japan and Sri Lanka. Upon completion of the project, the research team will have developed:

  • A report for IAESB detailing the research process, findings and recommendations for incorporation of the research findings into the IAESB decision-making process;
  • An issues paper highlighting similarities and differences across three distinct countries in relation to education systems and IESs awareness, understanding and adoption by IFAC member bodies and tertiary institutions;
  • A research model that can be used in other IFAC member countries designed to generate information of a similar type to that gathered in this research (education models, IESs awareness and adoption); and,
  • Refereed academic papers and conference presentations designed to raise the awareness of IESs, and to develop a better understanding of the complexities, opportunities and barriers of IESs adoption in different countries.
Year Total
2011 $20,000 Funding Body: IAAER/ACCA
Primary FoR: 1501 Banking, Finance and Investment
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
2012 $10,000

Australian Domestic Demand Elasticities for Rural Marketing and Policy Analysis

Team: A/Professor Mehmet Ulubasoglu, Dr. Debdulal Mallick, Dr. Mokhtarul Wadud , A/Professor Phillip Hone and Dr. Henry Haszler

This project will produce an integrated set of food demand elasticities for Australia using contemporary estimation techniques and based on two latest Household Expenditure Surveys conducted by the ABS. The project will focus on a wide and disaggregated definition of household food demand and provide long run responsiveness of food demand at the household level. The outcome of the project will help formulate strategic industry planning in the agri-food sector and provide an accessible basic reference source for market and policy analysts.

Year Total
2011 $29,593 Funding Body: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
Primary FoR: 1402 Applied Economics
Partner/Collaborating Organisations: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
Administering Organisation: Deakin University

An approach to preserving accounting and business archival materials: enhancing accessibility to inform research and practice
LP100200261 [ARC]

Team: A/Prof Bradley N Potter, A/Prof Monica Keneley, Prof Colin B Ferguson, Mr Phillip E Cobbin, Prof Brian West, Dr Mark D Wilson

CPA Australia is one of the oldest professional accounting associations in the world. Its archival records provide invaluable insights into the development of the profession and the business community it services. The preservation and management of this heritage will be of benefit not just to the profession but also in enhancing our understanding of the evolution of the corporate foundation of the economy. This project will involve the development of a framework for managing the archive and facilitating access through the use of digital technologies.

Year Total
2010 $35,000 Funding Body: Australian Research Council
Primary FoR: 1503 Business and Management
Partner/Collaborating Organisations: CPA Australia, National Archives of Australia
Administering Organisation: Melbourne University
2011 $65,000
2012 $70,000
2013 $40,000

Risk Management Systems and Implications for Carbon Reporting and Reduction - A study of Australian Carbon Intensive Firms.
LP110100234 [ARC]

Team: Prof Nava Subramaniam, Prof Paul M Collier, Prof Barry J Cooper, Prof Colin B Ferguson, Prof Philomena Leung, Prof Graeme L Wines

This research will help Australian firms develop more efficient and effective governance over the risk management and reporting on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Consequently, higher quality decision-making and resource usage at the firm, market and community levels will occur as firms are identified by their GHG emission activities and outcomes.

Year Total
2010 $60,000 Funding Body: Australian Research Council
Primary FoR: 1501 Accounting, Auditing and Accountability
Partner/Collaborating Organisations: ACCA Australia and New Zealand, Institute of Internal Auditors Australia
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
2012 60,000
2013 65,000

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