Faculty of Business and Law

Deakin Papers on International Business Economics

Deakin Papers on International Business Economics

Notes for Contributions

DPIBE welcomes contributions from researchers at all stages of their careers as well as graduate students. Especially relevant for DPIBE are thought pieces by business economists and applied economists; for graduate students academic work along the lines of a fully developed term paper or a condensed version of a thesis submission are two possible sources for submissions.

Style of Submission:

The journal is meant to be for a wide audience with some training in economics; therefore, submissions must be in the format of a paper more concise than a regular academic journal article. Key elements in all submissions should be:

  • clarity of argument supported by relevant economic theory
  • empirical and theoretical components of the paper that are clearly explained and motivated
  • figures and diagrams should be relevent and explained

The length of submissions should not exceed 2000 words unless specifically justified.

Footnotes and References:

Authors must make an effort to reference other academic articles in the economics literature that are relevant to the article. However, given the short length of the articles in DPIBE, these should be kept at a minimum. Similarly, authors should employ footnotes judiciously. All references given should be carefully checked and cited in a reference list at the end of the article as well as in-text according to the Harvard citation methodology.