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Deakin Papers on International Business Economics

Deakin Papers on International Business Economics

Archived DPIBE Issues

Note: DPIBE issues are in PDF format. To view, you will need a PDF reader program. A good free program available for download is Adobe Reader (opens in new window).

2012 Volume 5 [504KB PDF] presents the following:

  • The First Home Buyer Grant and house prices in Australia
    David Blight, Michael Field and Eider Henriquez
  • Does free trade result in higher GDP per capita: An International Perspective
    John Lambrechts, Erin McGrath and Naomi Rule
  • Does more working women result in more single men?
    Thi Thanh Tam Bui, Xuan Ky Luong, Manh Viet Nguyen

2011 Volume 4, Issue 2 [632KB PDF] presents the following:

  • The Currency of Knowledge: Education and Economic Growth in Latin America
    Andrew Tomas Bosz and Andrew Anthony Rufatt
  • The Economics of Marriage in China: How hukou and migration systems leave rural China men single
    Yunxiu Kang, Mazni Hanis Mahfuz and Liangzhuo Yuan
  • The Relationship between Children's Gender and the Divorce Rate
    Chirag Malhotra, Siddharth Sarda and Guanru Wang

2011 Volume 4, Issue 1 [335KB PDF] presents the following:

  • Grasping the Mind of a Shopaholic
    Mehzabin Chhavniwala, Li Ean Gan, Racha Ghazali & Ghananathan Rajasingam
  • Did China's Foreign Exchange Policy Hinder the US Recovery from the Global Financial Crisis?
    Abhishek Kumar, Wui-Ken Liow, Joanna Moss, Yuan Sun, Zhong Yi Wang & Xi Zhuang
  • An Economic Analysis of the Luxury Car Tax in Australia
    Andrew McPherson, Sharon Guffogg, Sae Takemoto & Scott Williams
  • Behavioural Change & Exercise: How to stop people from quitting
    Line Smith & Lisa Monge
  • The $845,000 Porsche 918 Hybrid Spyder: Redefining the Supercar
    Ismail Abdulhak & Trent Andrew Smith

2010 Volume 3, Issue 2 [233KB PDF] presents the following:

  • The Ethics of Regulation
    David Antoni & Freddy Leal
  • The Barriers to Selecting Optimal Economic Policy in South Korea
    Jude Abeyeratne, Kohei Tsukada, Rohan Sheth, Ronak Thakore & Siddharth Patel
  • Coase vs. Pigou in the Petroleum Market
    Ju Vinn Chai, Cen Chen, Fabienne Giauque & Wei Zhu

2010 Volume 3, Issue 1 [228KB PDF] presents the following:


  • Alliance Catering at Deakin: the Economics of University Cafeterias, Theresa Irene Patilaya, Thi Thuy An Pham, My Nguyen Nguyen, Zhen Wu & Yu Zhu
  • The Equity and Efficiency of Microfinance, Mahazarin Kanga, Juhi Bansal, Siddharth Verma & Ishani Bandaranayake
  • Is Soccer Played Fairly? Neil Edmund Roy, Roberto Ayala & Azizur Khan

{Economic Viewpoints}

  • Auto-economics: the Tata Nano, Jeevan William D Almeida, Sandeep Jony, Nikhil Chandran, Keerthi Purushotham & Ashish Gupta
  • Corruption in Natural Disaster Aid: The 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, Nicole Brooks, Karin Klau, Joseph Orr & Chris Stanford

2009 Volume 2, Issue 2 [218KB PDF] presents the following:


  • The Rationality of Addiction, Zhang Chong, Haoping Liu, Hyoung Jun Kim, Qian Wu & Samuel Xie
  • The Economics of Marriage in Australia, Lasanthi Perera, Ishanka Dissanayake & Dilika Withanage
  • The Economics of Late Marriage, Chow Ho Yin & Leung Pak Man

{Economic Viewpoints}

  • The Economics of Formula 1, Arjun Kattepur, Victor Vostrikov & Konark Goel
  • Tata as a Product of Globality, Miscene Crilley, Sara Gillingham, Salmah Lawrence & Ivica Orsolic

2009 Volume 2, Issue 1 [180KB PDF] presents the following articles:

  • Breaking the Path Dependency of the Internal Combustion Engine, Constantin Alexander Malycha & Andrew Peter Gilmour
  • The Economics of Suicide, Damian Valery Praveen Miranda & Hrishikesh Pande
  • The Game of Arranged Marriages, Nikunj Anchalia, Petra Ackerlauer & Usha Kannan
  • Consumer Choice on Savings Accounts: Bounded rationality, Saumya Vinayak

2008 Volume 1, Issue 2 [172KB PDF] presents the following articles:

  • The Paradox of Chocolate, Joseph Rego Daylyn Niren & Shilpa Hinduja
  • Pirates as an Ideal, Umme Abida, Paul Hitchens, Bibi Laegaard & Sheldon Rozario
  • Two Wheels and Rationality?, Ying Ying Ooi & Chandrashekar Venkataraman

2008 Volume 1, Issue 1 [705KB PDF] presents the following articles:

  • Fat a Taxing Matter, Karen Campisano & Duncan Stewart
  • Biofuel as an Alternative Energy Source: How much to give up?, Veronica Betancur, Aditi Bhattacharjee, Natalia Gisbert, Mariluz Restrepo & Praveen Sharma
  • The “Uneconomics” of Ballet, Sejal Shah