Audacious Leadership

Audacious Leadership is an adventure-based unit in leadership. It uses principles of experiential learning to illuminate theories and models, and aims to provide a practical understanding of audacity. An audacious leader is likely to be adventurous, fearless, intrepid, bold, daring. We expect to see chutzpah and nerve on display. Such qualities can achieve great things and confer charisma on the leader. At its best, audacity is paired with self-awareness, humility, good judgement and a deep understanding of how people respond to the tasks of leading and being led.

The Audacious Leadership unit will challenge your habits of perception and reaction, allowing you to gain insight into your own leadership, its strengths to be built on, and its weaknesses to be made sound.

The brigantine Windeward Bound provides a working metaphor for an organisational system. It is driven by rope, canvas and human effort to harness the power of the wind and, ultimately, the sun. Its effective management demands answers to leadership questions such as: 'What is the sum total of human energy available in the system? What proportion of this energy is currently being used? What kinds of energy (physical, intellectual, psychic, moral, artistic, technical, social) are represented? What might be done to release this energy for accomplishing greater goals for the system and the individuals in it?'

Permanent members of the ship's company will ensure the safety of the ship and train you in seamanship during the voyage. This will include sail handling, steering, coastal navigation and general work aloft and about the decks. As the voyage progresses, you will take increasing responsibility for leadership and for handling the ship. At the conclusion of the voyage you will be a competent hand.

Windward Bound

The next sea voyage for the Audacious Leadership Unit will depart from Hobart on Saturday 25 October 2014. We will sail out through Storm Bay and into the Southern Ocean and back to Hobart to dock on Saturday 1 November at noon.

Assessment in this unit comprises a leadership learning plan 20%, a leadership learning portfolio 30% and a critical essay of 3000 words 50%.

Places are strictly limited.

Important Dates

  • Deposit: Due with application - $750.00
  • Final Payment:
    12 September 2014 - $1750.00

Conditions at sea can be challenging and some participants may become ill. Generally people recover naturally and quickly. Please bear this in mind when considering enrolment in this program.

See the Deakin iTunesU channel for more videos about the Audacious Leadership program.

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