Audacious Leadership


The aim of assessment is to provide information about the success of the unit. Assessment comprises of three elements:

Task Value
Leadership learning plan (1000 words) 20%
Leadership learning portfolio 30%
Critical essay (3000 words) 50%

Leadership Learning Plan

You will be asked to complete some measures related to leadership style and preferred group role etc. You will also need to supply a description (1,000 words plus or minus ten per cent) of your leadership experience and learning aspirations. This must be submitted prior to the voyage and will form part of your leadership portfolio.

Leadership Learning Portfolio

The leadership learning portfolio is a collection of evidence about your leadership. It includes the leadership learning plan and can also include assessments, such as 360 degree assessments made by colleagues, comments made by mentors, evidence of achievements related to leadership or of previous leadership-related courses. Our aim is to achieve measurable change in your leadership competence and success. You will also be required to keep a journal, the leadership log, of your experiences during the voyage. After the voyage we will ask you to complete some more questionnaires. All of these data will be combined with your leadership log and your essay to provide feedback on the success of the unit and your own success as a learner.

Critical Essay

The critical essay provides a chance for you to reflect on your experience of the voyage in the context of academic writing about leadership. You are encouraged to take a particular theoretical perspective and provide a critical analysis of it using your own experience as context. The word limit is 3,000 plus or minus ten per cent and the essay is due within a month of completing the voyage.

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