Audacious Leadership Itinerary

Commencement: 25 October 2014
The ship will depart from Hobart at Elizabeth Pier at 9.30am (Students need to be boarded by 9:00am).
Do not book any flights until your voyage is confirmed.

Conclusion: 1 November 2014
The ship will dock in Hobart at noon.
Do not book your flights home any earlier than 4pm.


You will be required to do some preparation prior to the trip via CloudDeakin. We will post information about the ship, the names of sails and ropes etc. to save time on board.

What the ship provides

  • Wet weather gear
  • Full body safety harnesses - which must be worn at all times on watch
  • Pillow, pillow case, bottom sheet and one blanket

You will also be provided with an Audacious Leadership Logbook and pencil.

Clothing and personal gear

Stowage space is limited and a soft bag is preferable to a hard suit case. The emphasis should be on working clothes that layer up for warmth in cold windy weather but also to provide protection from the sun. It is not necessary to buy any special gear for the voyage.

Medical advice

Please ensure that if you bring prescription medication with you that it is in the original container and its use is clearly labelled.


The days are likely to be fine and sunny but the nights will be cold, so you should pack thermals. The ship provides the best quality storm proof wet weather gear available to all crew. At sea, the weather can change rapidly (that's where the Shakespeare expression 'a sea change' comes from), so it's good to dress in layers. You can check the weather at any time by logging on to the Bureau of Meteorology home page.

Do not bring

  • Cigarettes - "Windeward Bound" is a non-smoking ship
  • Thongs (rubber flip flops) are dangerous
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs - other than those prescribed by a Doctor


What to pack

Headgear Sunglasses
  1 Sun hat
Footwear 2 pairs of old shoes: soft rubber soled shoes eg deck shoes / jogging shoes, as shoes can get very wet
  3 pairs of socks
Jacket 1 Windproof jacket
Jumpers 2 Thick jumpers
Pants 2 pairs of loose fitting jeans, heavy cotton pants or track suit pants
Tight fitting pants are not suitable for working in the rigging
Shirts 2 Long sleeved shirts - Rugby shirts or skivvies are ideal
  3 T-shirts
Swimsuit Bring one
Underwear As required
Bedding Light sleeping bag
Toiletries Brush/comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, deodorant, tissues and lip balm
Thick woollen tights Great for cold nights
Camera Many good photograph
Musical instrument if they are large like a guitar you may have to sleep with it!!
Plastic bags for dirty clothes
Recommended additions
A pair of sailing gloves You can get them at any yacht shop or ships chandlers approx $20. They will stop your hands from getting blisters from the ropes as well as keeping them warm. We recommend the type that have an open ended finger and thumb so you can do fine work, whilst keeping the other fingers closed for warmth
Thermal underwear They are light and easy to wash and dry

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