Audacious Leadership

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'This voyage will be in my memory for ever. The memory of the people on the voyage, the funny experiences, and the reflection on being a leader. Thanks for this experience John.' Clint McCulloch February 2012

'I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to go into this completely unfamiliar and thrilling environment (the ship) learn about exciting things I had never done before (the sails, ropes, masts), do some challenging things (navigate the boat at 3am under shooting stars / climb masts etc) and amidst all of it, to have a unique opportunity to reflect on my leadership approaches and their effectiveness and get feedback on it from my peers.'
Leonardo Arantes, October 2011

'one of the best opportunities that I have ever had', The voyage provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my leadership style and actively participate in evaluative processes undertaken by my peers. It was a catalyst to test my ability to analyse character and utilise the capabilities of fellow crew members in an intense environment.'an experience that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone.'
Wayne McKenna, October 2011

This has been the most fun learning experience I've ever had! Through the hardships of leading teams on an 1840s sailing ship you can discover a lot about your leadership potential. I have met really wonderful people including students, faculty, and members of the crew with whom day by day discovered personal areas of improvement that will surely improve my leadership approach at work and in other life situations.
Pablo Juliano, October 2011

'You can read all the leadership books you want or you can challenge your assumptions about leadership and overcome some real personal challenges by taking the Deakin Unit 'Audacious Leadership'. It changed the way I view leadership, the way I run my business and I also overcame my fear of heights. The unit is for students who believe there is more to learn in a real life adventure than just sitting in a lecture theatre.'
Lloyd Chidlow, January 2011

'And I thought I'd signed up for a fun sailing trip! My real adventure was to journey into self discovery and in particular my leadership and behaviour styles under stress. A superb unit which became far more rewarding in the months that followed its completion.'
Paul Allen, January 2011

I can truly say that completing the Audacious Leadership unit was one of the most testing but fulfilling experiences I have had and I have been able to apply these learnings to produce superior business results: I have no hesitation in recommending Audacious Leadership to anyone in a leadership role or with aspirations to be a leader.'
Adam Moss, January 2011

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