Brookes Scholars

brookes medal

Each year the top two MBA Graduates are presented with the Brookes Medal.

Brookes Scholars

2012 – Christopher Griffiths and Michael Jenkins
2011 – Timothy Pryde and Janine Reid
2010 – Juliet Coles and Sands Skinner
2009 – Glen Donohue and Kenneth (Ross) Carlton
2008 – Craig Stapleton and Patricia Cham
2007 – Chris Latcham and Diana Raspe
2006 – Vanessa Waddell and Bradley Roe
2005 – Ching Yeo Teo and Vicki Golsby
2004 – Ong Siew Chin and John Elcock
2003 – Mark Rivers and Juan Vidovic
2002 – Bo Jacobsen and Thi Minh Hien Dinh
2001 – Graham Hawke and Louise Knowles
2000 – Lynne Gehrke and Jane Sinclair
1999 – Jenny Karavolos and Nicolas Andriopoulos
1998 – Peter Darkin and Barry Telford
1997 – Grant Croghan and Daniel Wong
1996 – Robert Larry Brand and Peter Alan Andrews
1995 – Manesh Kumar Chaurasia and Gary William Tickle
1994 – John Carran and Ian Pye
1993 – Cindy Tilbrook and Michael Cooney
1992 – Peter Cuk and Richard Sargeant
1991 – Brendan Gayner and Lyle Gavin Walker
1990 – Christopher Charles Dayton and Robert Stephen Klingberg
1989 – Edmond P. Fitzgerald and Stephen Mark Partridge
1988 – Andreas Bubs and Glynn Allen William Gill
1987 – Ruth Dale Bayley and Warren Hogan
1986 – David Edwards and Alan Tyler
1985 – John Coulson and Jonathon Harrison
1984 – Brian Rochford and Peter Grace

Brookes Oration

The Brookes Oration was established in 2006 by the Deakin Graduate School of Business to encourage thoughtful debate about the contribution of corporate Australia in the global community.

The oration and the medal honour Sir Wilfred Brookes, grandson of Alfred Deakin, second Prime Minister of Australia, for whom Deakin University is named. Sir Wilfred continued the family's association with the University as Chairman of the Deakin University Foundation.

In 1981 Sir Wilfred honoured us by giving an address to the first MBA class on 21 March.

Recent Brookes Orations
2013 Paul Bassat The Times they are a Changing
2012 Allan Asher Fair Go: A journey to fairness in commerce
2011 Simon McKeon, Australian of the Year The Future of Business - a 2011 perspective
2010 Hon. Dr Steve Bracks, AC Migration makes Australia work
2009 Mr Ian McPhee, PSM The Business of Government: Why Public Sector Management Must Evolve
2008 Christine Nixon, APM Corporate Australia - Saving lives and reducing crime
2007 Mr Harold Mitchell, AO Corporate Social Responsibility... just too much hot air?
2006 Mr Hugh Morgan, AC Can Australia Survive the 21st Century

If you would like to obtain a copy of any of the past Orations please contact the Head of School.

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