Postgraduate Internship

Introduction: Transition to a career future

The Postgraduate Internship (MPI700) is a 1 credit unit which enables motivated postgraduate students (for whom the unit is an option) to gain valuable workplace experience to enhance their resume, develop their employment prospects and explore new career directions within a wide range of organisations.

The unit provides the opportunity for students to seek an industry placement of their choosing and develop their professional experience and capabilities in an organisational context. The unit also provides an invaluable link between the student's academic learning and their transition into a new post-qualification career, at the same time creating real benefits for both the student and the host organisation.

While participating in the Postgraduate Internship, students spend a minimum of one day per week (96 hours in total) throughout the trimester, working with the Unit Chair to provide guidance and help them link their practical work with the academic requirements of the unit. Internships can be project-based, or involve more general workplace exposure.

New developments: 2014

As a result of strengthened relationships with local industry and community groups, a number of internship opportunities for 2014 are currently being explored and negotiated. These are for example in areas of marketing and communications, festivals and events, promotions management, membership strategies, business planning, finance and business analytics, HR and business consulting. The sectors include automotive aftermarket parts, produce marketing, event management and the Not-for-Profit sector and may be suitable for either individuals or small teams. For further details, please contact Unit Chair Steve Ogden-Barnes

Consult the Postgraduate Internship Unit Guide for more details.

Selection criteria

Before applying for the Postgraduate Internship, students must:

  • Be enrolled in a course for which Postgraduate Internship is a unit option
  • Have completed a minimum of six units prior to commencement of internship
  • Achieve a consistent record of good academic performance over the course of their studies
  • Be able to commit to at least 1 full day per week over the duration of the trimester
  • Have prepared themselves by taking advantage of resumé and interview preparation resources (i.e. InterviewGOLD)
  • Be self-motivated and possess good communication skills
  • Have the necessary work permits to facilitate workplace-based learning

Note: students cannot be enrolled into the unit until a placement is secured which has been approved by the Unit Chair.

Further information

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