Postgraduate Internship

How it works: eligibility and application process

Students would normally commence a Postgraduate Internship in the final trimester of their degree, and must have completed six units of study at the commencement of the unit, having achieved strong grades throughout the course of their studies.

This unit is available for students enrolled in the following courses:

  • M705 Master of Commerce
  • M722 Master of Information Systems
  • M723 Master of International Business
  • M728 Master of Marketing (8 credit point course)
  • M731 MBA (International)
  • M735 Master of Arts and Entertainment Management (8 credit point course)
  • M782 Master of Human Resource Management

Students in some combined courses may also be eligible to enrol and should seek advice from a postgraduate student adviser.

Students who wish to enrol in the Postgraduate Internship but are not studying within one of these programs can apply to their course director to have the unit recognised within their course (this decision rests with your course director, not with the Unit Chair of Postgraduate Internship).

Before a student can enrol in the Postgraduate Internship, it is necessary to secure an internship placement and complete the application form [407KB PDF] and forward it to the Postgraduate Student Administration office. Students meeting the relevant selection criteria will be invited to an interview to discuss the specifics of the placement, and the host organisation will be contacted to discuss the nature of the work to be undertaken. After a satisfactory review of the intended internship, permission to enrol in the unit will be granted.

Students should be aware, however, that securing a suitable placement is not possible in every case, and they should always have an alternative plan to enrol in other units if a Postgraduate Internship placement cannot be arranged. As a one credit unit, students will be expected to spend at least one full day per week over the course of the trimester working within the client organisation (96 contact hours).

If application and placement is successful, the student will gain valuable industry experience while working within the organisation involving project work, general assistance or departmental support.


Think about Postgraduate Internship early. Ideally students should have an initial conversation with the Unit Chair one full Trimester before you intend to start. This is because the placement process can be complex and lengthy.

Securing an Internship

Generally, it is the student's responsibility to secure a placement, but support is available from the Jobshop and careers services and from the Unit Chair to help students prepare for the application process. Sometimes the Unit Chair receives enquiries from organisations seeking interns and these will be communicated to potential candidates who match the skills and experience required. Students cannot undertake a Postgraduate Internship in their normal place of work, nor can they receive payment for their work from the host organisation over the course of the unit.

It is essential to get prepared before starting to apply, and to develop a clear strategy for contacting potential host organisations. Students must ensure they have a comprehensive and current resume, a compelling cover letter and that they are 'interview ready'. Deakin's Jobshop offers a comprehensive range of services to assist students with this.

Discuss your intended strategies with the Jobshop team and the Unit Chair at an early stage to increase your chances of success.

This letter of introduction [144 KB PDF] outlines the key aspects of the program. You can use it to accompany your applications.

Examples of recent Postgraduate Internship organisations

Organisation Nature of Internship
GS1 Help desk replacement project
Social media assessment
Headland Machinery Finance and services support
Universal Pictures Overhauling the publicity and media database and events support
Myer Major events support
Kurioz Media Production Assisting with development of marketing strategy
Faiveley Transport Australia Ltd Supply chain project work
Starleaton Digital Solutions E-business consultancy
SS Finance Marketing and finance support
Wesley Mission Finance department support

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