Business Practicum Program

Introduction: Work Integrated Learning in Practice

The Business Practicum (MPI701) is a 2 credit unit which enables high-performing, capable and motivated MBA students to undertake a substantial workplace-based project within a wide range of organisations: businesses, government departments, professional associations or charitable organisations.

The unit provides students with the context in which to apply the professional and academic skills developed over the course of their MBA studies and showcase their research, analysis, consultancy and presentation skills, creating real benefits for both the student and the host organisation, with the student acting as an ambassador for the Deakin MBA program.

New developments

In keeping with the Deakin 'Worldly' philosophy, the Practicum unit is now available in all three trimesters. In collaboration with the Faculty of Business and Law International and Partnerships Group, students may also now apply to complete their Practicum in overseas locations where Deakin has a strong representation and local organisational contacts, i.e. China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

For more details on the Business Practicum unit please consult the Unit Guide

Further information
Selection criteria

Before applying for the Business Practicum, students must:

  • have enrolled in M701 - MBA or M731 - MBA (International), or have approval from their course leader to undertake Business Practicum as part of their program;
  • have substantially progressed in their MBA course, having successfully completed at least 6 MBA or MBA (International) units;
  • have achieved a consistent record of good academic performance in the course;
  • have demonstrated commitment and ability to complete the Practicum project to a high professional standard;
  • be able to commit to at least 2 full days per week over the duration of the trimester;
  • have strong research, analysis, problem-solving, report writing and presentation skills;
  • be self-motivated and possess good communication skills;
  • have the necessary work permits to facilitate workplace-based learning.

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