Business Practicum Program


Business Practicum is a high profile unit within the MBA, and offers several significant advantages to the student and the host organisation.

For the host organisation

  • Access to the specific skills, abilities and knowledge of high calibre MBA students
  • The development of a mutually beneficial relationship between the student, organisation and University
  • No payment required by the business host organisation to the student
  • No insurance costs to the host organisation - Deakin University Public and Products Liability Insurance Policy covers students involved in Business Practicum (applies to enrolled students of the University only)
  • Full reporting and feedback to host organisations
  • Great PR potential for internal and external marketing purposes.

For the student

  • Ability to apply their MBA learning within a new professional environment
  • A great resumé addition
  • Networking opportunities
  • Personal development opportunity towards the completion of their studies
  • An opportunity to evolve their career strengths and directions
  • Further development of skills and competencies including:
    • Critical analytical skills
    • Research skills
    • Verbal, written and presentation skills
    • Negotiation skills
    • Ability to work in a stakeholder environment

For Deakin Graduate School of Business

The Business Practicum also provides an opportunity for the Deakin Graduate School of Business to foster and strengthen its contacts with business, government and community organisations. The program also provides an opportunity for the School to showcase the skills and attributes of its high-calibre students.

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