Research in the DGSB

The Deakin Graduate School of Business prides itself on the contributions that its staff members make in various fields of research. The School focuses its research in five disciplne areas.


Dr Soheila Mirshekary - Discipline Group Leader

  • Corporate governance and ethics
  • Social responsibility reporting and disclosure
  • Financial reporting and disclosure
  • Modelling Corporate Collapse
  • Ethical Climates in Small Scale Accounting Firms: An Empirical Study
  • Leadership within Academic Communities
  • Users' Corporate Social Reporting Needs, Perceptions and Preferences: a case of Iran
  • An Analysis of CSR Contents in Annual Reports of Listed Companies in Iran
  • Ethical Climate and Attitudes in Small and Medium Scale Accounting Firms in Queensland: An Empirical Study


Professor Jon Billsberry - Discipline Group Leader

Sample of Current Projects

  • The role of recruitment and selection in organisational fit and misfit
  • Undertaking effective transitions from work to home
  • Developing comprehensive job stress prevention programs
  • Strategies for improving the safe placement of agency workers
  • The use of visual simulation and process mapping to identify waste in inpatient and outpatient booking schedules
  • Employee retention in the Australian dairy industry
  • Women on international assignments in multinational enterprises

Strategy and Process Management

Prof Stuart Orr - Discipline Group Leader

  • Role of innovation in the success of Australian SMEs operating in China
  • Leadership practices in foreign subsidiaries of Western companies operating in Thailand
  • Consumer reactions to corporate social responsibility in Thailand
  • Role of innovation versus strategic resources in successful Indonesian exporters
  • Knowledge sharing by Australian SMEs in online business networks
  • Sustainability practices and reporting of Australian SMEs
  • Accounting needs in Australian rural and regional areas
  • Barriers and activators of strategic change
  • Brand salience for the Australian service industry
  • Australian promotional competition design choices
  • Customer repurchase intention modelling


Deakin Papers on International Business Economics

DPIBE is a journal for graduate students and early career researchers.
More about DPIBE

Economics and Finance

Professor Pasquale Sgro - Discipline Group Leader

  • Economic development and economic growth
  • International economics and trade
  • International trade, sustainability and growth
  • Economics of information
  • Industrial organization
  • Regulatory economics and political economy
  • Applied econometrics
  • Game theory
  • Monetary economics
  • Currency markets and exchange rate issues facing emerging economies
  • Mathematical models for financial fraud detection, business failure prediction and forecasting/analysis of corporate credit ratings using non-parametric techniques
  • Variation of the optimal stopping problem and the assessment of mutual fund performance using VaR (Value at Risk)-based stochastic performance measures
  • Modelling the financial aspects of retirement including risk reduction measures
  • Quantitative evaluation of non-liquid businesses/business assets


Professor John Hall - Discipline Group Leader

Two main themes drive our research. The first relates to consumer behaviour, and includes research projects related to novelty and loyalty, guarantees, self-service technologies and complaining behaviour, online marketing, and relationship value. The second relates to organisational-level marketing, and focuses on marketing research and return on marketing investment, market fit/orientation, marketing competencies, marketing ethics, and brand value. Research is conducted using advanced qualitative and quantitative techniques, and published in leading international journals.


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