Higher Degree by Research students


Mr Michael Bengough
Business processes and transactional banking in Australian Financial Institution

Mr Muhammad Saifuddin Khondaker
Conflicts between Corporate Social Accountability (CSA) and Economic Profit: Evidences from a social Islamic Bank of a developing country

Economics and Finance

Mr Becksndale Masawi
An Analysis of Indirect Intervention in Foreign Exchange Markets

Mr Cong Tam Trinh
Insurance market activity and economic growth: The case of Vietnam

Mr Robin Visser
Commercial diplomacy as an international business-supporting activity

Ms Franziska Wolf
Optimal Hedging Policy and Capital Structure: Is there and optimal mix?


Mr James Adonopoulos
From Enragement to Engagement: employee engagement during times of crisis

Ms Kalsom Ali
Implementation on leader-member exchange theory and factor of employee well being to predict employee intention to to the job

Mr Michael Beruldsen
Changing business leadership behaviour and practices in China's developing economy

Ms Susan Blaich
The impact of work design on employee performance

Mr Kia Hadji Abootorab Kashi
Why do organisations use social media for recruitment and selection?

Mr Brendan Kelly
Distributed Leadership in modern health care organisations

Ms Ruby Ma
Doing business in China: Insights from Australian Managers

Ms Shona Munro
Professional Development in Frontline Policing

Ms Ling Qi
Will Country of origin effect on the host country HRM practicies among Chinese MNCs in Australia?


Ms Emma Hall
Understanding and Modelling Opera Attendance: An Empirical Analysis

Mr Md Tarikul Islam
Entrepreneurship and organizational capability: Upgrading Bangladeshi apparel industry in the global value chain perspective

Ms Michaela Jackson
Public health responses to integrated marketing communications that promote energy-dense, nutrient-poor food to young people

Mr Md Manirujjaman
Thesis title: Emotional and Rational Homepage Content: Separate Dimensions rather than a Continuum

Ms Elizabeth Lodge
Non-profits partnering with small business to enhance corporate social responsibility

Ms Anita Medhekar
The Growth of Medical Tourism in India: Economic Impact and Public-Private Partnerships

Ms Maria Pinero De Plaza
What can make a packaged good brand easy and quick to find?

Ms Elaine Louise Plant
Key success factors in regional trade agreements

Mr Wayne Read
An empirical examination of consumer engagement in the Twitter context

Mr Ayman Shaheen
The Role of Green Organizational Identity and Green Perceived Risk on deployment of Green IT in B2B context

Ms Tiffany Winchester
Using consumer behaviour theory to enrich understanding of voter behaviour

Mr Dino Zanon
Satisfaction and service provision of park visitor market segments

Strategy and Process Management

Mr Jeff Chamberlain
Vendor experiences in the customisation of ERP systems for SME's

Mr Zaheed Halim
Inter supplier relationships in complex supply chains

Ms Ann Rowland-Campbell
Trust, transparency and technology; the emergence of the "digital brand". How are emerging web technologies redefining organisational business processes and governance?

Ms Jennifer Anne Taylor
The effect of leadership on the sustainability of an organization in the area of health and aging

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