USA Study Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to study both units?

You have the choice of doing one or both units on the program

Does the price change if I only study one unit?

No, the program fee will be the same as this is h3or your travel and accommodation etc. Your unit fees will be charged in the usual manner via StudentConnect.

Do I take part in everything if I only study one unit?

With exception of one introductory session for each unit, all site visits, formal seminars, classes and cultural tours are integrated regardless of whether you are enrolled in one or two units. Class attendance is compulsory at all sessions during the program.

Does Deakin organise the flights?

You will be required to arrange your own travel to arrive in New York at the start of the trip and to depart from LA at the end of the trip. All travel within the program is arranged for you and is included in the program fee.

Can I stay in my own accommodation?

Students gain a great deal from living and working with other group members. Although you may live or have family/friends in the USA, we would expect you to stay with the group which also means staying in the accommodation booked by Deakin. Often, groups stay up late to work on projects and we often leave early in the mornings for site visits or travel to different cities, therefore it is expected everyone stay in the one location. There will however, be some scheduled 'free days'.

Can international students apply?


Do I require a visa?

Yes. You can apply for your visa once the program is confirmed. Note that some visa applications take longer than others to process.

Is study required prior to departure?

Yes. Study materials will be provided prior to departure, with the expectation that you will be fully conversant with the material by the time the tour has commenced.

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