Workshop for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WOFIE)

Student registration

Who can participate?

The WOFIE program is open to all Postgraduate and HDR students (Full Time or Part Time) from all campuses across all disciplines who will be enrolled as current students as of 31 August 2014. The workshop will be held at Melbourne Burwood Campus. Participants must be able to attend in person for the duration of the full day workshop sessions (5 full days). Students can apply to participate either for-credit, as MPI700 Postgraduate Internship students, or on a not-for-credit basis.

What does it cost?

For-credit participation
For participants who enrol as MPI700 students, standard unit fees apply, although the workshop is free of charge (includes refreshments, an award event and all workshop materials).

Not-for-credit participation
If you wish to participate in this event, but are not eligible to enrol in MPI700 Postgraduate Internship you are welcome to apply by completing the application form and benefit from this challenging and dynamic event. The workshop is free of charge, and includes refreshments, an award event and all workshop materials.

How to apply

Step 1: Complete a participant application form
email to
or mail to:
Samantha Hein
Deakin Graduate School of Business
Locked Bag 20001
Geelong VIC 3220

Students who want credit must complete the application process for MPI700 Postgraduate Internship.

Step 2: Applications will be reviewed and shortlisted.
Step 3: Successful applicants will be confirmed and assigned to teams upon commencement of the WOFIE workshop. MPI700 students will be enrolled into the unit and standard unit fee will apply.

Note: only individual, not team applications are accepted.

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