Social media analytics: The what, the how and the whycentre of excellence

Seminar presented by the IBM Centre of Excellence in Business Analytics
Thursday, 20 June 2013

Developing insights from internal data and market information seems quite elementary compared to the potential of Social Media Analytics. A 2013 report on Social Media Analytics by McKinsey & Company titled "How 'social intelligence' can guide decisions" highlights the new opportunities rich real-time data from social media offers decision makers and suggests that "Social-Intelligence Literacy" is fast becoming a critical asset for executives.

The three speakers at this event will give an overview of how to use Social Media Analytics to gain a competitive advantage, what is possible and why it's worth investing in Social Media Analytics to shape real-time decision making. They will showcase some recent exemplars of Social-Media Analytics in action.


Dev Mookerjee, IBM Global Technical Ambassador - Social Analytics
Samir Mahir, CIO, Tennis Australia
Elly Bloom, Head of Social Media, Westpac Group


Time:12.00 pm - 1.30 pm
12.00pm Registration and Lunch
12.30 pm Presentation

Venue: Karstens
123 Queen Street

Cost: $35 per person
Register online

Linkedin: Deakin Business Analytics

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