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Social Informatics Research Group

Social Informatics Research Cluster

We take as our point of departure, the following definition from the Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics:

Social Informatics (SI) refers to the body of research and study that examines social aspects of computerization - including the roles of information technology in social and organizational change, the uses of information technologies in social contexts, and the ways that the social organization of information technologies is influenced by social forces and social practices.

To this end, we are interested in how people design, interact with and appropriate information and communication technology to further their goals and interests and how such interactions change and affect people. Design, interaction, appropriation and effect on Information Systems forms the core of the discipline and provides insight into practical business, organisational and social opportunities, problems involving the design and use of ICT.

Our research interests include:

  1. Models of ICT appropriation as a complex strategic situation
    • Current theories and models of human/artefact relationships
    • Current methods and directions in IS
  2. The use of multimodal information systems for:
    • Education (in association with the education cluster)
    • Small and medium enterprises (SME)
    • Health care delivery
    • Conflict resolution, negotiation and trust
    • Provision of environment and health information at point of sale/care
    • Exhibition of artwork
  3. Information systems, inequality and empowerment: Social and ethical issues
    • Gender and computing and projects that focus on methods to increase diversity in IT and computing.
    • ICT for consumer and citizen empowerment and the role of ICT in facilitating consumer and business behaviour
    • Influence of Social Media in Electronic Governance, democracies and citizen empowerment
    • Mobile commerce and developing nations
    • The rise of iSurveillance, privacy transparency and social media
    • Egovernment, democracy and social media
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ICT

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15th August 2012