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Subscription databases

Case databases
Available to Deakin staff and students - includes LexisNexis and WestLaw

Legal Information Institute case databases

Primary LII sites

Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII)

Australian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)

British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BaiLII)

Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)

Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII)

Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII)

Legal Information Institute (US) (LII)

New Zealand Legal Information Institute (NZLII)

Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (PacLII)

South African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII)


Related LII sites

Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

Irisih Legal Information Initiative (IRLII)

Kenya Law Reports (eKLR)

The LawPhil Project (Philippines)


Canadian Legal Information Institute. Supreme Court decisions and decisions of the Federal Court of Appeal, Federal Court of Canada, Tax Court of Canada, Competition Tribunal, Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Public Service Staff Relations Board. Also contains the law of the Provinces

Supreme Court

CanLII - Supreme Court decisions

Federal Court

Federal Court of Appeal Decisions

Federal Court of Canada decisions

Tax Court

Tax Court of Canada decisions


Competition Tribunal decisions

Human Rights Tribunal decisions

Public Service Staffing Tribunal

Provincial Courts

Links to numerous provincial courts

Guide to the Ontario Courts


Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada decisions

Privacy Commissioner of Canada decisions

European Union

Court of Justice of the European Communities (including Court of First Instance Decisions) (BaiLII)

European Court of Human Rights


Fiji Islands Laws - Cases and Legislation
From PacLII. Includes Magistrates Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, High Court and Privy Council Judgments.


High Court of Ireland Decisions
From 1999 at BAILII

Irish Competition Authority Decisions
From 1991 at BAILII

Irish Information Commissioner's Decisions
From 1998 at BAILII

Irish Supreme Court Decisions
From 1999 at BAILII


Kiribati Judgments
From the University of the South Pacific School of Law - Judgments of the High Court of the Gilbert Islands, Court of Appeal (Civil Appeal, Criminal Appeal and Land Appeal)

New Zealand

New Zealand Court of Appeal Decisions from 1999
Part of the AustLLI database. Perform a global search, database search, casename search, view an alphabetical list or view a list of recent cases.


Philippine Supreme Court Decisions
From the Chan Robles Virtual Law Library, includes selected Supreme Court Decisions from 1901.

South Africa

Southern African Legal Information Institute
Cases, legislation and other legal information

Constitutional Court

Constitutional Court decisions (SAFLII)

Supreme Court of Appeal

Supreme Court of Appeal decisions (SAFLII)

Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa
Judgments available from 1999.

Labour Courts

Labour Courts of South Africa
Judgments from 1998-1999 available


Courts of Vanuata Decisions
Includes decisions of the Senior Magistrate's Court and the Supreme Court. Perform a global search, database search, casename search, view an alphabetical list or view a list of recent cases.

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