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A Guide to the US Federal Legal System: Web-Based Publicly Accessible Sources
Guide by Gretchen Feltes (reference librarian at the New York University School of Law Library) published at LLRX on 2 October 2000. This includes an introduction to the US Federal System, information about the Structure of the Federal Government and the Constitution and detailed sections on legislation, the judiciary (including the Court System) and the Executive Branch and Adminitrative Law. It also includes a section on Meta Links and Search Engines. Great reference.

All Law Home Page
Referred to by the site as "Your Internet Legal Gateway". Links are categorised into Law, lawyers, legal organisations, federal and state resources, schools and organisations, forms, legal topic index, legal practice information, reference and news, legal support services, journals and periodicals, business, community and culture, general references, community and culture.

American Law Sources Online
US, Canadian and Mexican law links. Divided into Law, Commentary and Practice sections for each country and further divided into States or Provinces. According to the site: 'American Law Sources On-line (ALSO!) provides a comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to all on-line sources of American law that are available without charge. [It] contains additional links to sources of commentary and practice aids that are available without charge (or available at a reasonable charge from governmental and nonprofit providers).'

American Lawyer Media's LAW NEWS NETWORK
Has news reports on current law news, jobs, firms, archive, legal newswire, practice central, 'open court' and discussion as well as links to its regional sites and national site.

Constitution - Annotated (US)
Available at Findlaw - including links to relevant opinions.

Hieros Gamos - US States
Divides legal information by state as well as uniform laws adopted or proposed by states.

Internet Law Library
Excellent set of links and information on US Law.

Internet Legal Resource Group - Public Legal
Documents and information

Law Crawler
A search engine for legal information

The Law Engine
'Providing the best on-line law sources in a single-page format!' US based. Useful site.

LawSource.com - American Law Resources Online
Contains link to free legal sites - for the United States, Canada and Mexico

Legal and General Research Sites
Mostly US resources nicely categorised.

Legal Resource Links
From Consultweb - US based list of legal links categorised by subject.

US based - includes links to general law related information, law-related information (international), law related information (federal), government information, court opinions and information, bar associations, legal and law related journals, law firms and journals, fact finders and a search engine. Good start for US research.  

Paladin Legal Exchange
Includes legal news, employment information, legal subject fields, legal research, legal forums, state, federal and international law, attorney resources, law students section, legal store and classifieds.

The US Legal System
Overview divided into the following sections: Federal statutes, State statutes, the Courts, finding the law, arbitration and government offices and agencies. By Mark Radcliffe and Diane Brinson

United States Case Law Directory
From Lawresearch - searchable

Government sites

THOMAS - Legislative Information on the Internet
Legislation (including Bills summary and status, bill text, major legislation, public laws by law number, roll call votes and a serach engine for bills), congressional record, committee information (reports, home pages, house committees, senate committees and heaps more.

United States Department of Justice
Includes "what's new and hot", organizations and information, press room, FOIA, publications and documents, employment, business with DOJ, community support and grants, fugitives and missing persons, justice for kids and youth and a search engine.

University sites

Cornell - WEX
Legal Dictionary and Encyclopedia

JURIST: The Law Professors Web
Search engine, subject and country guides, course pages, resource pages, online articles, presentations, exeminations, JURIST worldwide, Dean's list, books on law, conferences, calls for papers, positions available, reference desk, post office, faculty lounge, student lounge and media center.

The American Constitution: A Documentary Record
Part of the Avalon Project at Yale - great collection of documents.

Legal Information Institute (US)
At Cornell Uni. Includes links and legal information/summaries divided by subject, constitutions and codes, court opinions, law by source or jurisdiction, directories of lawyers and organisations, journals and legal academia and a current awareness section. This is US based but also contains some international links - terrific site

WashLaw Web
From Washburn University School of Law. This includes information about the Washburn University School of Law. This site is categorised into Circuit Courts (from 1-11, Federal, DC,), each of the States, Archives, Area Codes, Bankruptcy, Bar Associations, Bar Exams, Books, Business Directory, City Codes, Commercial Sites, Course Materials, Court Rules, Courts, CLE, Directories, Discussion Groups Documents, Download/FTP, Email Directories, Executive Law, Experts, Consultants, Faculty Forum , Federal Agencies, Federal Legislation, Federal Statutes, Federal Documents, Foreign Law, Freenet, Government, Government Directories, Graduate School, Historic Documents, Hytelnet, Humour, Indexes, International Law, Investigators, Judges, Kansas Bankruptcy, Kansas Decisions, Law Firms, Law Jobs, Law Journals, Law Listservs, Law Library Catelogues, Law Professors, Law School Labs, Law Schools, Law Search Engines, Law Students, Legal Books, Legal Dictionaries, Legal Forms, Legal Humour, Legal Indexes, Legal Institutes, Legal News, Legal Newsletters, Legal Newspapers, Legal Organisations, Legal Software, Legal Vendors, Lexis-Nexis, Listserv, Listserv Instructions, Listserv owners, Local Law, London Law Studies, Magazines, Maps, New Law Books, News, Newsgroups, Newspapers, Other Law Sites, Phone Numbers, Police, Politics, Post-Graduate, Pre-Law Students, Publishers, Radio, Reference-Legal, Request Service, Research and Writing, Research Guides, Rules of Court, Search Internet, State Statutes, Stock Market, Street Maps, Study Law, Subject Index, Subscriber Instructions, Televisions, Topical Index, Travel, Supreme Court, Uniform Laws, Usenet News, User Guides, Video Conferencing, Washburn Law - London, Washburn Law Library, Westlaw Service, Weather Reports and Zipcodes

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