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General Resources

Fremantle Prison

AcademiInfo - Online criminal Justice Degree Programs
Based in North America - includes information about degree programs as well as subject resources (books, articles, links etc)

Australian Criminal Law and Process
Web site by Victorian barrister, Don Just, with key cases and notes

Capital Punishment
Links to separate capital punishment page

Criminal Juries in Victoria
Notes and cases by Victorian barrister, Don Just

Criminal Law (AustLII)
Links to criminal law

Criminal Law, Justice and Procedure (US)
Links to other websites, laws & government documents, Government agencies, legal journals, newsletters & articles, legal discussion groups, subject ourlines and more from LexisONE - US orientation.

Famous Trials
By Doug Linder - includes Socrates, Leopold and Loeb Trial (1924), Scopes "Monkey" Trial (1925), Rosenbergs Trial (1951), Amistad Trials (1839-1840), Bill Haywood Trial (1907), Salem Witchcraft Trials (1692), My Lai Court Martial (1970), Scottsboro Trials (1931-1937), Dakota Conflict Trials (1862), Mississippi Burning Trial (1967), Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial (1969-70) and the Johnson Impeachment Trial (1868). More are expected to be added

Heiros Games - Guide to Criminal Law on the Internet (US)
This site covers numerous countries - mostly US - and is updated regularly. Includes links to Supranational Organisations (including the International Criminal Court), National Regimes (including Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, the United Kingdom and, most comprehensively, the United States), links to other resources (heaps of them!), links to relevant publications , links to class outlines on Criminal Law (US), links to discussion groups and to organisations associated with Criminal Law. An excellent site.

Legal Challenges to Fingerprints
Links to US cases and general information

Sentencing Law in Victoria
Includes an introduction, main sentencing options, sentencing facts and matters, sentencing factors which a court must regard, sentencing purposes, principles of proportionality, totality and parity, instinctive synthesis and further notes. By Don Just, Victorian barrister.

The Terrorism Research Centre (US)
Provides a great deal of information about terrorism, including documents on counter-terrorism containing numerous articles and speeches

United States - State Statutes on the Internet by Topic
Criminal Law Statutes

US Department of Justice - Criminal Division
Information about the division, press releases and links.

Wrongful Conviction and Innocence Resources on the Internet
Extensive list of links by Ken Strutin, published at LLRX.com on 17 December 2005

Tribunals, police and government departments

Australian Federal Police
Contains sections on: feature sites, employment, services and contact details, corporate information, publications, media releases and speeches and links.

Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (Australia)
About the DPP, making contact, annual report, review of the DPP, Director's speeches, links, statutory functions, prosecution policy, FOI and a file list.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Contains sections on: what's new, organized crime, peacekeeping, RCMP online, federal services, your community, a national profile and news.

Victims' Compensation Tribunal
New South Wales Attorney General's Department - sections on counselling, application forms, legislation forms, victims impact statements, settlement conferences, support services, recovering compensation from offenders, victims of crime bureau, victims rights, compensation and contact information.

Victoria Police
Contains information about Victoria police, latest police news, joining Victoria police, police services, how you can help, facts and figures, FAQ's and current initiatives

Associations and research centres

Australian Institute of Criminology
Includes information about the Institute, Conferences, a library, publications (includes a topic index of their publications but no content - subscription information is available), research, statistics, directories, Australian policing information and plenty more. A search facility is also available at this site.

Crime and Misconduct Commission (Queensland)
Information about the Commission, media releases, publications, papers, research and prevention projects, whistleblowing, how to make a complaint, disciplinary process protocol, inquiries, FOI, positions vacant and contact information

Criminal Bar Association of Victoria
Includes the following sections: Headlines (includes current and past newsletters, conference information), law lists, contact information, legislation, caselaw, general law linsk and links to organisations.

Journal articles, conference papers and books

Bribery and Networking: Is There a Difference?
Article by Mirko Bagaric and Leigh Johns in (2002) 7(1) Deakin Law Review 159

Business Regulation and Australia's Future
Book at the Australian Institute of Criminology - edited by Peter Grabosky and John Braithwaite 1993

Continuing Offences
Article by David Ross QC in (2005) 10 Deakin Law Review 283 (PDF)

The Errors of Retribution [2000] MULR 5
Article by Mirko Bagaric and Kumar Amarasekara

The Victim and the Prosecutor: The Relevance of Victims in Prosecution and Decision Making
Article by the Hon Justice Geoffrey Flatman and Dr Mirko Bagaric in [2001] Deakin Law Review

To Counterfeit in China is Divine: Or is it?
Article by Alex Low in (2002) 7 Deakin Law Review 21


Confiscation that Counts: A review of the Proceeds of Crime Act 1987
Australian Law Reform Commission Report No 87 (31 March 1999)

The Right to Silence
New South Wales Law Reform Commission Report 95 (2000). Includes an Introduction and sections on: The Right to Silence When Questioned by Police, Pre-Trial Disclosure, The Right to Silence at Trial and various tables.


International Criminal Law: A Selective Resource Guide
By Marylin J Raisch, 16 October 2000 at LLRX.com. Librarian for International and Foreign Law and the Bora Laskin Law Library of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Includes introduction, general background sources, research guides and information networks (including web sites and major treatises), treaty resources, International Criminal Court, Ad Hoc Tribunals and other courts, Extradition and Mutual Assistance, Specific Crimes, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and notes on secondary sources. United Nations office on Drugs and Crime
Includes UN documents, UN standards and norms, links to UN and other organisations, statistical sources, country information, international money laundering information, laws, treaties and conventions as well as various other information.

Australian cases

Cameron v The Queen [2002] HCA 6 (High Court: 14 February 2002)
Case dealing with the sentencing discount available to criminals who plead guilty

R v Anderson [2000] VSCA 16
Murder, Evidence (relationship evidence), Expert Evidence

R v Beckett [1998] VSC 219 (20 August 1998)
Murder, Abduction, Rape, Sentencing

R v Dupas [2000] VSC 356 (22 August 2000)
Murder, serious sex offender, sentence

R v Mingh Ya Zhu [2000] VSCA 191 (13 October 2000)
Drugs, Trafficable Quantity

R v Williamson [1999] VSC 108
Evidence - probative value v prejudicial effect, propensity evidence.

Wilson v The Queen (1970) 123 CLR 334
Propensity Evidence (relates to murder conviction)

Australian legislation

Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) (at AustLII)

Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) (at AustLII)

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