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Legal history

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Civil rights

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The Common law

Common Law
Wikipedia page

The Rule of Law
By Dr Mark Cooray. Sections on The Rule Of Law, Common Law And Statute, Supremacy Of Law, Retrospective Legislation, The Concept Of Justice, An Independent Judiciary, Discretion, Limits On The Power Of The Legislature, The Doctrine Of Precedent and The Moral Dimension. Part of the book: Topics Concerning The Australian Community

The Common Law (Landry)
Essay by Peter Landry.

The Common Law (Wendell Holmes)
Book by Oliver Wendell Holmes - part of Project Gutenberg. See alternate site.

Civil Law

A Primer on the Civil Law System
PDF file, by James G. Apple (Chief, Interjudicial Affairs Office, Federal Judicial Center) and Robert P. Deyling

Civil Law (about)
Wikipedia page

Roman Law (and Civil Law) Resources
By Ernest Metzger, University of Glasgow - in English and German.

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