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Site created by the International Institute for Animal Law. It includes: Current federal and state legislation (US), Federal and state law, Model laws on dissection, pound seizure and anti-cruelty provisions and Highlights of court decisions affecting animals

The International Institute for Animal Law (IIAL)
According to the site, the 'Institute is dedicated to creating and supporting programs that will enhance the development of laws that protect animals.'

Laboratory Animals: An Executive, Legislative and Judicial Narrative & Research Guide
Article by Deborah Paulus-Jagric (Reference Librarian, NYU Law School Library), published 13 February 2005 at LLRX.com

Lawyers for Animals
Launched in 2006, 'Lawyers for Animals Inc. is a politically non-partisan organisation which seeks to reform the law to reduce and eliminate animal suffering and promote animal welfare Australia-wide.' Includes information about the organisatin, news, contact details and links.

Veterinary Government and Law Resources

The Great Ape Project
'The organization is an international group founded to work for the global removal of non-human great apes from the category of mere property, and for their immediate protection through the implementation of basic legal principles ...'


The Domestic Cat and the Law: A Guide to Available Resources
Article by Stephen Young, published at LLRX on 17 December 2001. Interesting article including links to relevant sites.

The Cat and the Law
Chapter 6 from the online book 'The Tiger in the House' by Carl Van Vechten, 1922

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