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Australian Food Safety Web
This is the Food Safety Campaign Group’s eduction site. It includes fact sheets, food safety tips, food safety library, what’s happening and an indestry site and links page.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ)
Previously the Australia and New Zealand Foot Authority (ANZFA)  - media releases, publications and other information.

Health Communications Network
HCN provides web-based resources to Australian health institutions. The site contains information about the HCN, medical director, knowledge resources, services, career opportunities and media releases. The knowledge resources section contains links and information about health resources.

Nutrition Australia
Nutrition Australia is a community based organisation ‘that aims to provide scientifically based nutrition information’. The site contains ‘what’s on’, information about Nutrition Australia, food facts, corporate members and links, news in nutrition and a bookshelf.


Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

Institute of Food Science & Technology Inc
About the institute, links and information.

World Health Organisation
Contains sections on: what’s new, governance, health topics, information sources, reports, director-general and information about WHO as well as related links.


Agriweb Canada - Directory of Canadian Online Resources in Agriculture and Agri-Food
This site contains information about AgriWeb, linked sites and unlinked resources and a search facility by subject, geographic region, type of organisation or key word.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Available in English or French. Contains an Agency Overview and sections on Acts and Regulations, Agricultural inputs, biotechnology, consumers, fish and seafood, food safety - industry, human resources, imports, inspection manuals/codes of practice, labelling, publications, related sites, retail food, science and technology and information for travellers. An excellent resource.


David Juke’s Food Law Site
At the University of Reading, UK, Department of Food Science and Technology. The site includes UK and EU food law news, web links, food standards agency information, UK food regulations (subject and chronological listing for UK as well as Scottish and Northern Ireland food regulations), UK food law court cases, UK food inspection statistics, European food authority information and links, International food law news and information and general food law links. Excellent site.

European Union

Food Law - EU Documents
Part of David Juke’s Food Law site - includes various papers, speeches and communications.

EU Food Law - Material to Support Lectures
At David Juke’s Food Law Site. It includes edited extracts from course material prepared by Dr David Jukes and includes Treaty of Rome extracts and lists of other relevant information.

United Kingdom

Department of Health (DH) (UK)
Contains the following sections: what’s new, publications (including departmental circulars, departmental publications, white and green papers, the Health Act 1999, Key documents, statistical publications, press releases, guidance for business on regulation and other miscellaneous documents), press releases, about the department, research and development, statistics and surveys, Chief Medical Officer, social care, public health, health care and contact information.

Food Law Internet Project 2000
Currently (February 2000) under construction but its aim it to ‘provide summary information on the internet of at least 100 national food control systems by the end of the year 2000.

UK Food Law - Court Cases
Part of David Juke’s Food Law Site - includes examples of court cases involving food.

UK Food Law - Material to Support Lectures
At David Juke’s Food Law Site. It includes edited extracts from course material prepared by Dr David Jukes.

UK Food Regulations - Subject Listing
Compiled by Dr David Jukes - contains regulations presently in force in the UK and their amendments.

UK Institute of Food Science & Technology
Contains lots of information about the study of food science and technology and a useful compilation of web links and resources.

United States

Food and Drug Administration (US)
Contains the following sections: what’s new, collaborating with Stakeholders, bioengineered foods, FDA Modernization Act, index (listing alphabetically the topics covered by the Administration’s site), search engine, FAQs

Food Regulation Weekly
This site has a section for subscribers and for visitors. Subscribers get all the good stuff - publication covering food regulations etc - visitors get a free sample.

Institute of Food Technologists - Food Laws and Regulations Division (US)
Contains information about the IFT, benefits of membership, newsletters and links.

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