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Magna Carta

General (various jurisdictions)

European Court of Human Rights
Excellent resource divided into the following sections: general information, pending cases, judgments and decisions, basic texts, press releases and library.

Human Rights Law Resources
AustLII special project - searchable page of relevant AustLII databases and external resources

The International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights
Includes news, databases, papers, publications and plenty more

Online Resources for Recent Human Rights Issues
Published in 2000 issue of Human Rights Defender by Amanda Alexander. Grouped by the following categories: Stolen Generation Litigation: Cubillo v. Commonwealth; Fiji and Solomon Islands Crises; Judgement and Sentencing of Anwar Ibrahim; Pinochet's Loss of Immunity; AIDs Controversy in Sub-Saharan Africa; Mbeki's Position

Update to Annex: Human Rights, Country and Legal Information Resources on the Internet
Article by Elisa Mason published at LLRX on 1 April 2002 (original published 15 February 2001). Includes the following parts: Legal Information (including International Instruments, National Laws and Policies, Case Law andGuidelines, Recommendations, Resolutions), Human Rights Reports (including Surveys of Human Rights Violations and World Conflict, Individual Country Reports on Human Rights Conditions and Other Sources), News Services, Background Country Materials, Experts and Country Research Services


Australian Journal of Human Rights (content)
Online issues available from 1994. As well as content, this site provides information about the journal, subscription information and information for contributors.

Domestic Implementation of Human Rights Norms
Article by the Hon. Justice Michael Kirby in the (1999) 5(2) Australian Journal of Human Rights. The article is presented under the following headings and includes embedded links: Incorporated international law, Judicial utilisation of unincorporated norms (Bangalore Principles, Means of applying international law, Judicial pronouncements, Words of caution, Support for the Bangalore Principles), An interpretative constitutional principle and A new way of thinking

Homelessness, Poverty and Discrimination: Improving Public Health by Realising Human Rights
Article by Philip Lynch in (2005) 10 Deakin Law Review 233 (PDF)

Human Rights Defender
Journal with content available from 1994. Hosted by AustLII

Implementing Human Rights - the way forward
Article by Peter Bailey in the (1999) 5(2) Australian Journal of Human Rights. Divided by the following headings: A Human Rights and Responsibilities Commission, Incorporation or transformation of international law?, How should human rights principles be implemented in Australian law?, Limitations of Australian legal culture

National Security and Human Rights
Address by Philip Ruddock published in [2004] DeakinLRev 295; (2004) 9(2) Deakin Law Review 295

Reforming Human Rights Treaty Bodies
Article by the Hon. Daryl Williams in the (1999) 5(2) Australian Journal of Human Rights. Divided by the following headings: General issues, Reporting and communication procedures, Australian suggestions for reform and Conclusion

Commissions (Australia)

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC)
Includes information in the following categories: About the Commission, Complaint Information, Disability Rights, Employers Page, Human Rights, News and Information, Racial Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, Aboriginal and Torres Stait Islander Social Justice, School Page, Human Rights Explained, Publications, Help, Links and a Search Engine

Commissions (Australia - State)

New South Wales - Anti-Discrimination Board
Includes information about the Board and your rights, information about obligations of employers and service providers, contact information, links, speeches, media releases, anti-discrimination laws and more.

Northern Territory - Anti-Discrimination Commission
Provides contact details

Queensland - Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland (ADCQ)
Includes publications, links to other sites, a 'what's new' section, locations of offices and contact details.

South Australia - Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia
Information about equal opportunity, information for schools, publications, training and education, a newsletter, how to lodge a complaint, annual report, links, online services and more.

Victoria - Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

Western Australia - Commission for Equal Opportunity
Information about discrimination, the Act, news, links, decisions, training information, newsletter, briefs and guides and more.


Amnesty International
Includes latest news and information in the following categories: About AI, Library, Act Now, Campaigns, Links, News and Bazaar.

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
Information on advocacy, right to information, police and prison reform, doctors at risk, Human Rights Commissions, conferences, publications and the UN charter.

Human Rights Treaties and Other Instruments
From the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library - links to Human Rights Treaties and other Instruments by key word, subject matter, or view a list.

Reforming Human Rights Treaty Bodies
Article by the Hon. Daryl Williams in the (1999) 5(2) Australian Journal of Human Rights. Divided by the following headings: General issues, Reporting and communication procedures, Australian suggestions for reform and Conclusion


The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
Includes treaties and other instruments, other United Nations documents, regional materials, bibliographies and research guides, human rights education and online catelogues, asylum and refugee material, US human rights documents, links to over 800 other sites (categorised by subject and location), and links to human rights search engines



Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decisions


The Commonwealth and International Human Rights Case Law Database
According to the site it 'provides summaries of recent human rights decisions from national courts in Commonwealth jurisdictions free of charge through a browse facility and a search engine. Many of the cases summarised are unpublished decisions which are not readily available in other jurisdictions.'

Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW)

Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth)

Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (SA)

Equal Opportuntiy Act 1995 (Vic)

Genocide Convention Act 1949 (Cth)

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 (Cth)

Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth)

Racial Vilification Act 1996 (SA)

Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth)

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